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  1. Thank you all for messages, let me be a bit more clear regarding the request: - Interlude - Possibility of creation a reward box from daily votes, with different rewards inside - Buffer - GM Shop (NO customs) - Donation System - Account manager not required but welcome - Olympiad Manager - Global Gatekeeper -
  2. Hello everyone, We are starting a new project and have marketing and business team ready to work along with community management. I would like to purchase at a fair price a pretty basic package of Interlude with at least the following: - Town Buffer with Adjustable Adena Value - Global Gatekeeper - Olympiad Manager - Shop with all items till B Grade - Event System with any event like TvT, Hide n Seek, etc Please let me know and let's skype for details.
  3. Is this still available? Can we skype and test the server?
  4. The flaming attitude, or the smartass attitude is not needed I think. I have tried to import the maps, and I didn't suceed. If you tend not to help like others did(thanks for the PMs and deMEV's answer) you can just read the post and pass by. No need to become negative to anyone. There are never good results by that. Thanks for your time spent though to give me tips and advices on something that I mentioned that I already tried, googled for it, and didn't work.
  5. Can you be more specific? :) I don't get what you meant!
  6. Thanks a lot for the fast response! In the screenshot is that a result from an open source converter? Can you share? or is it paid? Can you give me any more info about that?
  7. Greetings everyone! I've been browsing around the forums, read a bunch of useful topic about Texture editing and worked. The thing that I've been wondering is whether we can open .unr files in UE4 or not. I haven't been able to find something like that so far. The only topic that I've read about map editing is an Ued one here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/177851-giran-green-fairy-v11-small-tutorial/ and for some reason I can't get it working, and I'm not fluent in Russian to understand the instructions correctly. Is there anyone who was able to edit an Interlude client with any of the unreal editors directly? and if so, which version and where to download it? Cause I have 2, 4 and UDK only. Thanks in advance!
  8. Could someone provide assistance with L2toxic Server? It has been mentioned many times in that post. Just inform us if it can be done or not please :) Really thanks and much appreciated! :D
  9. Hello! I've been a non active member all these years but now I am here and going to stay, and be an active member of this awesome community! :D