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Found 25 results

  1. main: Aeore Healer (102lvl and 83%) race: dark elf dual: Wynn Summoner (100lvl) dyes: +15 con - 6str eq: http://imgur.com/a/Aza1G - brooch: http://imgur.com/a/BpXDe - shirt: shiny +10 http://imgur.com/a/H9X58 - exalted status: (quests 1-3 finished) http://imgur.com/a/9J0A7 - faction talisman lvl10 (kingdom's royal guard) http://imgur.com/a/tOg7m some random crap in wh (140+ EoD, jewels lv 1-2, ~1450 daily coins) faction: http://imgur.com/a/UF8mh skill enchant: few on +7 clean account, no ban history etc. contact: skype - magicwiesuaw (if not online please leave a message and I will reply once available)
  2. Selling healer 100lv/wynn es 101 in ramona server ITEMS * +4 Eternal robe set 1800att * Apocalypse retributer +5 300att * PvP BElt * Venyr 7lvl * Tauti ring,zaken * 5slots brooch with 4lvl diamond/4lvl sapphire/4lvl pear/3lvl opsidian/3lvl opal/3lvl aquamarine/3lvl ruby/3lvl tanzanite * Lot of materials,attribute stones/crystals,some ewr and other stuff ADDITIONAL To finish 3rd part of exalted left dagger enchantment(i gave up after 70ewr)learned skill's on dual class freezing invoke and elemental's call,will give additional accounts:SOS 99lv,ISS (PRP) 101 with POM,summoner's 89,94lvl Contact info: streindz1 (skype id) i'm not selling items separately from account!
  3. Sell healer 100lv/dual 100wynn 88% acc quip r99 r +3/4 set 1800att,apo +5 300att gun,pve belt 5slot brooch (saphire 4lv,diamond 4lv,pearl 4lv,ruby 3lv,obsidian 3lv,tanzanite 3lv,aquamarine 3lv,opal 3lv) Exalted 3rd part....p.s i'm not selling items separately from account. as bonus will add sos 99lvl and prp 101 acc's for additional info pm skype:streindz1
  4. WTS Feoh Soulhound 97 / Aeore Shilien Saint 101 0% / 20% +PoW Gear: Blessed Apocalypse Retributer +5 HP Acumen lvl5/Body lvl4 300 +10% M.Crit Skill Rate Blessed Twilight Robe Set +8 (chest +10) 3x120 Brooch 4 slots + Pearl/Diamond/Garnet/Obsidian/Cat's Eye lvl3 Blessed Zaken Earring +3 Soul Orfen Earring +4 Soul Frintezza Necklace +3 Istina's Ring Wizard +3 Special Dark Resistance Ring +2 Istina's Necklace Wizard +4 Special Mental Attack/Resistance Earring +40% +4 Aria's Bracelet CON Talisman Abundance Hunter Talisman Anihilation Venir's Stage 4 Hair Accessory +5% P.Def +15 CON dyes Octavis Shirt +4 Twilight PvP Defense Belt 3kkk adena, Divine Elixir Receipt and some rubbish to sell (scrolls etc.) For Exalted 1 misses some CoC items & HB items. Account: Additional Maestro 86 and Evi 93/Yul 86 on account. Immortal/Paulina's gear. Healer ready for PvP. Obviously it lacks PvP Gear but his defensive build + your personal ingame skills will do the job. Never had to cry too much. Healer is Dual Class. Selling whole package, looking for offerts. Message me on pm. Thanks.
  5. Aeore Shillien Saint lv 101 - 6% & 6.6b SP Dual : Wynn Spectral Lord lv 99 - 30% 1st sub : Sagittarius lv 80 2nd sub : Phantom Ranger lv 66 Still premium for 14 days The char comes with : Eternal Robe set +3 (Tunic is +6) - full 300 element Blessed Freya Necklace Top-grade Resistance Earring - Stun +3 Requiem Buster +3 - Event Body/HP Acumen Shadow Retributer +3 - 150 Wind Seraph Sigil +3 Talisman - Hellfire Istina Bracelet ~100kk raw gold La Vie En Rose's Radiant Brooch (5 slots) with the following gems : - Garnet lv 4 - Vital Stone lv 4 - Diamond lv 3 - Pearl lv 3 - Obsidian lv 3 - Tanzanite lv 3 - Sapphire lv 3 Eva's Rune still active for 13 days Prestige Rune still active for 13 days Agathion XP Bottle - 30 hours (1086/1800) A lot of random stuff in inventory/warehouse like : - 2184 Mark of Battle - 314 Daily Coins - 58 Energy of Destruction - 61 Elcyum Powder - 25 EAR - 24 EWR - 205 Jewel Grinder - 15 Mysterious Wind Scroll - Vita/EXP stuff - 842 Crystal R - SS/BSS/Equips for subclass etc Quest thingies : - 21/30 days for gap quest - Valakas/Antharas quest items - Exalted quest 1st part almost done, missing some HB mobs PM me if you need more informations. skype : sunbulle
  6. WTS Main Aeore 101 POW 16 AP / Dual Feoh 100 16 AP Main class Aeore Shillien Saint 101 with POW 16 AP: - lvl 101 60%+ XP / 80%+ SP (16 AP) - kept pow - dyes: 2x Legendary CON dye 1x Giant's CON dye - 39.500+ PA points - Talisman - Hellfire - important skills are enchanted to +10 and some other to +5 and +6 - exalted quest is on lvl 2 - replica tiara - jewelry box: 4 slotted brooch with Pearl lvl 3 / Obsidian lvl 3 / Diamond lvl 3 / Vital stone lvl 2 / Cat's Eye lvl 2 - vitality potion 4x (gives 3 slots vitality) - agathion - xp bottle (50-hours) 1540/3000 and it has 2514 xp bottles already - many stuff in the warehouse (shadow retributer +7, scroll for pvp, istina and octavis crystals/bottles etc.) Dual class Feoh Soultaker 100 16 AP: - lvl 100 (16 AP) - kept arcane power Another characters on the account: - Main Sayha's Seer lvl 85 / Dual Tyrr Titan lvl 85 has event weapon and armor - Main Sayha's Seer lvl 85 / Dual Ghost Sentinel lvl 85 has event weapon and armor (has shadow crossbow) - Main Sayha's Seer lvl 85 / Dual Wynn Elemental Master lvl 85 has event weapon and armor - Main Sayha's Seer lvl 85 / Dual Wynn Elemental Master lvl 90 has event weapon and armor - Main Doomcyer lvl 85 has event weapon and armor - Saggitarius lvl 80 has weapon and armor PM here or via skype pandusbundus
  7. Aeore healer (elven Elder) lvl100 318kk adena 411 ncoins r99 robe recovery type tunic +5 stocking +5 circlet +4 boots +4 gloves +4 lapham rose pet 200 rose essence 2x mapr luck potion rune xP 200% 7 dias 3 drop rate rune 200% 7 dias 16 party cake sp rune pack 200% 7 dias 17 erupting vitality pots emperor weapon pack 51k mentee mark 2 mapr wind scroll rodemail rune pack 15 days zaken +3 orfen blessed specter buster (soul/acuman) istina bracelet superior giant codex twilight heavy armor apocalipse slasher focos/death+4 Can also accept trade for items / chars on Skelth
  8. THE CHARACTER HAS BEEN SOLD. Character is from first owner on Innova Core server: Iss Sword Muse main lvl 100 / Aeore Eva's Saint dual lvl 87 the character is naked but has the starter Immortal Heavy armor 16 AP 18.000+ PA points 15 vitality potions (8 what gives 3 slots, 6 what gives 1 slot and 1 vitality maintaning potion) agathion - xp bottle (50 hours) 2160/3000 replica tiara noblesse tiara only songs are enchanted for +2 times shadow dualsword / shadow retributer requiem dualsword with 1 sa and 150 attribute istina bracelet CON some other stuff in wh (Daily coins, CP/HP/MP potions, Bottle of Istina Soul, Istina/Octavis Crystals, Energy of destruction so on) Another characters on the account: Eviscerator main lvl 85 (Immortal Light Armor + Requiem Fighter) Sayha's Seer main lvl 85 / Tyrr Titan dual lvl 85 (Immortal Heavy Armor + Requiem Slasher) Not awaken characters (all ertheia): 60 and 73 Price: 50 euro Paying via Paypal For my skype you can ask in private message
  9. Adena for sell: HAS BEEN SOLD. Items for sell: +6 blessed eternal robe set recovery type 3x120 HAS BEEN SOLD +6 specter dualsword body 300 HAS BEENSOLD +4 seraph heavy set attack type 3x120 HAS BEEN SOLD !!HOT!! Accounts for sell: Main healer 100 / Dual Iss 99 HAS BEEN SOLD Main iss 100 / Dual healer 87 for more info click here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/201788-wts-iss-100-16-ap-on-core HAS BEEN SOLD
  10. My free reference: Auto augment script for all three major chronicles. New script: Multipurpose supporter script. Can be used on Bishop, Shillien Elder, Elven Elder, Warcryer, Overlord. - Buffing party members by name each with their own unique bufflist that you can give. It will ONLY buff the missing buffs, so if you get a cancel it will instantly rebuff the missing buff(s) on you! - Party heal. - Self heal - Party recharge - Follow given player - Assist given player ( put debuffs on mobs: stigma, windshackle etc... you can give the debuffs you want to put on mobs, even multiple debuffs at once ) - Give noblesse to every party member. - Remove 1 or 2 zerk if needed. - You can define the health, and mana limits the script will let party members drop below, before it starts to recharge/heal. - It will remove EVERY debuffs from all of the party members that YOU give to the script in a list. - Evey each one of the settings can be turned off or on, to suit the user's needs. - Works with all three major chronicles. Script can be extended for custom requests. This script is being continously improved, when I have added something, you will get the updated version for free. Price: 12€. New script: Assisting spoiler. - Spoils assist target until it has been successfully spoiled. - It will sweep every mob in it's surroundings, if it has items in it to sweep, even if the mob that died is not the main target. - Follows party leader given by name. - Accepts party invites from given names. - Assists given name in combat. - Works with all three major chronicles. Script can be extended for custom requests. Price: 8€. New script: Multipurpose supporter script. Anti Aggro/Anti Mirage/Target Lock Script. - Retarget the previous target as soon as possible, it may even bypass aggression on some of the less good servers. - Works with all three major chronicles. Script can be extended for custom requests. Price: 6€. Auto Enchant Script. - Auto enchant infinite type of items with one setup. ( meaning you can enchant a full set without touching the script ) - Stop enchanting at given enchant level. - Use blessed or crystal scroll from given enchant level. - Cancels trade requests, party requests, clan requests. - Restocks items from any kind of custom shops with a very easy one-time setup that I will help in! - Works with all three major chronicles. Price: 8€. Auto Skill enchant script ( 8€. 1x sold ): - Automatically enchants skills as fast as possible ( this is usually fast as lightning ) - Uses mastery books from given skill level. - Stops on given level if set. - Works with all three major chronicles. Price: 8€. DeadlyBackstab. - Move behind your target as precisely as it is possible in the game ( it will be the back of your target, even if you skill from the front ) - Works with all three major chronicles. - Can be easily combined with anti-mirage and anti-backstab scripts. ( for an extra 4€ ) Price: 8€. Auto Attribute Script. - Define 6 items at once to attribute the given elements on them. - Stops at given level if set. - Fast as lightning! - Works with all three major chronicles. Price: 8€. Anti-Backstab script. - Instantly turn to the target, as soon as someone casts a skill with lethal chance on you. Price: 2€.
  11. Healer lv. 100-101 16 ap ( main or dual ) Feoh ( any type ) lv. 100-101 16 ap ( main or dual ) Brooch lv 4 with: - Diamond Lv 4. - Sapphire Lv 4. - Obsidian Lv 4. - Others lv 3-4. - Important skills +10. - Exalted Quest lv. 2 or 3. -No need gear ONLY IN NAIA/SHILEN/CHRONOS/BARTZ SERVERS! I PAY WITH PAYPAL VERIFIED ONLY! I have lot of vouchs, if need ask add me skype Skype: ferraaan91@hotmail.com
  12. Hi, I decided to go healer class for oly mostly. It is mid rate server with full buffs (cartel). I want to ask any guide for healer what I need and do on oly, strategy tips. About armor I think best is vorpal... Now I have found vesper nobler robe set+6. What dyes he need, etc. Which healer is best for oly.
  13. Selling adena in Core server Stock: 18b - Sold Acc 6: Iss Sword Muse lvl 95 - Sold to JADAF WTS for Euros or ADENA Accounts: Acc 1 Acc 2 Race: Dark elf Race: Elf Main: Wynn Spectral Master lvl 99 Main: Sigel Shilien Templar lvl 99 - 8 ap Dual: Feoh Soultaker lvl 99 Dual: Othell Ghost Hunter lvl 97 Few enchanted skills Enchanted Skills also ready to go aq,orfen,baium chars 85 lvl char Acc 3 Acc 4 Race: Orc Race: Human Main: Tyrr Duelist lvl 99 Main: Othell Adventurer lvl 97 80% Dual: Yul Ghost Sentinel lvl 95 Dual: Yul Moonlight Sentinel lvl 95 85 lvl char 3x 85lvl chars Acc 5 Acc 7 Race: Dark Elf Race: Elf Main: Othell Ghost Hunter lvl 98 70% Main: Aeore Eva's Saint lvl 91 Dual: Yul Ghost Sentinel lvl 95 Payment via Paypal only! Contact info: For more info and offers send me private message here or Skype: turb0gaze
  14. WTS FULL CHARACTER +12 MAX TOP ITEMS MAX ENCHANT ON L2TALES (HEALER MAIN FULL ENCHANT SKILLS+ SUBS,SH,SUM FULL ENCHANT SKILLS) THE EXCHANGE WILL BE MADE IN INTERNET CAFE IN PEIREUS/ATHENS FACE TO FACE ONLY SERIUS OFFER FOR A SHORT TIME. OFFER ME HERE OR PRIVATE MSG. •Elegia Set Robe +12 LvL 7 •Sacredium +12 300 •Blessed Zaken +12 •Blessed Freya +12 •Beleth Ring +8 •Elegia Ring +12 •Elegia Earing +12 •Olf Shirt +10 •Top Grade Mitrhil Belt PvP Defence +12 •Tallisman All Stats +2 •Talisman Wit +2 •Talisman Int +2 •Talisman Con +2 AND MUTCH MORE!!!!! ΠΩΛΕΙΤΑΙ ΤΟΠ ΧΑΡΑΧΤΗΡΑΣ FULL ΝΤΥΜΕΝΟΣ ΣΤΟΝ L2TALES ΟΛΑ+12 (MAX ENCHANT)(HEALER MAIN FULL ENCHANT SKILLS+ SUBS,SH,SUM FULL ENCHANT SKILLS) TOP GRADE ITEMS . Η ΑΝΤΑΛΛΑΓΗ ΘΑ ΓΙΝΕΙ ΣΕ ΚΑΠΟΙΟ NET CAFE - FACE TO FACE ΣΕ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑ-ΑΘΗΝΑ. MONO ΣΟΒΑΡΕΣ ΠΡΟΤΑΣΕΙΣ ΓΙΑ ΜΙΚΡΟ ΧΡΟΝΙΚΟ ΔΙΑΣΤΕΙΜΑ. OFFER ΕΔΩ Η PRIVATE MYNHMA •Elegia Set Robe +12 LvL 7 •Sacredium +12 300 •Blessed Zaken +12 •Blessed Freya +12 •Beleth Ring +8 •Elegia Ring +12 •Elegia Earing +12 •Olf Shirt +10 •Top Grade Mitrhil Belt PvP Defence +12 •Tallisman All Stats +2 •Talisman Wit +2 •Talisman Int +2 •Talisman Con +2 AND MUTCH MORE!!!!!
  15. dark elf healer 99 (eva's saint) and dual class feoh soultaker lvl 98. hellfire talisman. passive/active reflect aria's bracelet: int 1 paagrio breeze 10 birthday vita pots INT +5 WIT -1 water resistance+20 dyes PUT on the char, x2 and wit +4 men -3 +10 wind resistance x1 plenty of minimum maximum clarities, divine protections and life forces all kinds of shits in WH Active skills almost all+10 passive skills +7 12 AP 3 months of PA i'm not expecting a high offer, selling the character cheap, just, any offer which is not a complete joke is accepted, tbh, offer can be in adena too.
  16. listening to offers ( PM ) MAIN 99 (white elf) aeore cardinal - 4 AP DUAL 96 sumoner SUB 80/80 Skills +10 Lumi +7 Giant Favor all passive skills +6, one of them +7 Stuff in char R99 heavt set full att Active reflect Desire Talisman Aria Bracelet INT also have arround 150€ in l2 vitality stuff, like 32 hours Vitality Replenishing Potion, and few nevits 86 d.elf wyn in the same acc could be sold with r99 robe set +6 full att for +120€ SET SOLD U can check prev thread to see im trsuted -> http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/186845-adena-and-items-last-item-offer-last-2-b-eu-core/?p=2435955
  17. As the title says, WTB Aeore 99 in Innova Core, preferably Dark Elf. He/she must have POW, and I'd also like to have Feoh as Dualclass (no matter the level of the dual). PM me with offers.
  18. >>> Innova Core EU<<< Aeore Shillien Saint 99 mainclass / Feoh Soultaker 99 dualclass Feoh Soultaker 80 subclass / Yul Ghost Sentinel 80 subclass Aeore Shillien Saint 99 mainclass: POW (Prophecy of Wind - For 5 minutes, a powerful spirit acts to increase a party member's Max HP by 20%, Critical Rate by 20%, magic damage by 20%, P. Atk. by 10%, P. Def. by 20%, Atk. Spd. by 20%, M. Atk. by 20%, M. Def. by 20%, Casting Spd. by 20%, and Resistance to de-buff by 10%. Decreases Speed by 20%. Recovers 5% of physical damage inflicted on the enemy as HP with a certain probability.) 10 AP (64.76% till the 11th) Dyes: +7 int, +4 wit, -5 str, -3 men Skill Enchant: ~ Healing / Magic: Panic Heal +5 cost, Brilliant Heal +5 cost, Progressive Heal +5 cost, Balance Heal +5 cost, Brilliant Purge +5 power HP, Resistance of Saha +5 time, Emblem of Salvation +5 time ~ Attack: Dark Blust +5 duel, Dark Force +5 duel ~ Weaken: Mark of Lumi +6 m.def, Dark Backfire +5 break haste, Dark Devour +5 force ~ Passive: Superior Magic Weapon Mastery +4 power, Superior Armor Mastery +5 power, Superior Casting Mastery +5 power, Superior Anti Magic +5 power, Superior Elemental Resistance +4 power, Superior Mental Attack Resistance +5 power 2 transform skills Feoh Soultaker 99 dualclass: 4 AP Skill Enchant: ~ Attack: Death Breath +3 duel ~ Passive: Superior Magic Weapon Mastery +4 power, Superior Armor Mastery +4 power, Superior Anti Magic +4 power 6 transform skills ~ Talisman of Hellfire (Increases Max HP, MP, CP by 400, Accuracy and M. Accuracy by 2, Evasion and M. Evasion by 2, Atk. Spd. and Casting Spd. by 30, Vampiric Rage effect by 3%, P. Critical Rate by 30, M. Critical rate by 10, P. Atk. by 103, M. Atk. by 156, physical skill Atk. by 1%, Reflect Damage resistance by 10, and P. Def. and M. Def by 20.) ~ Premium Account points: 12,250 + ~ Premium Account till 30.10.2014 ~ Many Warehouse Things (send message for more info) ~ Raid points: 1117 ~ Olympiad Tokens: 176,880 + BONUS: Wynn Spectral Master 85: Event Requiem Retributer 155 - Event Immortal Light Armor For more information send me a message. >>> pannoncicus <<< SOLD
  19. Wts Aeore Shillien Saint 99/97 core Caracter is elf female lvl 99 dual class wyn summoner lvl 97 40%, subs 80/80, i sell it with mail included, trustable person, i've sold accs before here. -4 ability points and 30% -active reflect augment - 179k fame -all quests for antharas/valakas/tauti/epic tauti **Skills enchant +8 con +4 wit dyes ACTIVE: Dark blast +10 duel panic heal +10 cost mark of lumi +7 m.def dark force +6 mass dark veil +6 dark rain +5 giants favor +6 summon lumi +4 briliant heal +4 cost cristal regeneration +5 dark backfire/dark devour +6 PASSIVES: superior magic weapon master +7 superior armor mastery +6 superior casting mastery +5 superior mental resistance +6 superior anti magic +6 superior elemental resistance 4 The char is without jewells/equipment, with a good offer i could add a seraph set r95 robe.. In wharehouse 600 warrior QHP, 20warmbreeze 1hour, vitalities b-day pot to farm sp, accesories +4, enhaced octavis/istina bracelet, talisman of infinity, cloaks, misterious marks from coc, rose pet to give rose buff, 22 istina crystals, 8 octavis crystals., 300 raid points, and many useless stuffs in wharehouse.. Character never banned with good reputation, good for olympiads and mass pvp best racial skills undying +disparition. Paypal payment or adena, we could discuss how to do it, if u are interested pm here, could use middleman.
  20. Hello i have a healer to sell on Core pls pm me for more info and with offers. skype: facebook:zzbd1n info about char main human race aeore shillen saint 99, 4AP, dual wynn spectral master 99 1AP , many transformations learned, fishing skills learned, subclass skills learned, dual skills set up for open world pvp. curently CON dyes, got almost every quest done in game such as freyas cloak etc, important skills are enchanted more such as lumi and heals, many items for consume usage in main char wh, basicly everything you might wanna use for pvp/siege/clan events and are not tradeable, unique hats and cloaks, 3 enchanted brancelets, 3 crystals for enchant 3 other brancelets and 300+ raid points if you mind change aria brancelet, 8 istina 7 ostavis cry, talisman - anihilation account 1 healer 99/99/80/80 (read description above) / crafter 85 / iss 85 / yul 85 / feoh 85 / othell 85 / feoh 85 account 2 iss 89 rapso / wynn 85 / tyrr 85 / tyrr 85 / WC77 / TH 61 account 3 othell 87 nobless / healer 85 / sigel 85 account 4 wynn 85 / feoh 85 every character have zaken cloak some adena shots and rez/soe, ready to use equiped with event gear (sets with option), some of them have birthday packs or event items.
  21. What I offer: - level 97 feoh soultaker (dark elf female skinned) on NAIA server - R95 +3/+4/+3/+3/+3 3x120 gear (formal wear apperance) - R95 +4 retributer acumen 300 attribute - accessories: freya's necklace, seraph accessories - hair accessory INT cat ear - dyes lvl 3-4 lvl INT and WIT - about 300-350 million adena - enchanted skills - many things in inventory and wh: 4-5 setts, R95 +4 gloves with attribute, R95 +4 helmet with attribute etc - .... and so on! - level 93 iss doomcryer on dual - R grade twilight heavy armor +3 3x120 gear (maid outfit apperance) - R grade +4 dual sword health+haste 300 attribute - twilight accessories - lvl 3 STR dye ON the same account: - level 91 tyrr duelist (female) - twilight gear - event dual sword - accessories - thing in inventory and wh -...and so on! What I am looking for: - level 99 shillient saint female char on CORE server PM me here with your application or if you have any question!
  22. What I am looking for: - level 99 healer: it can be eva's saint, shillien elder or cardinal, but with Dark Elf female skin - on Core server
  23. WANT TO SELL SCRIPTS OF ZRANGER FOR ANY TYPE OF CLASS. PVP OR/AND PVE We'll be in contact all time for any issue and we fix it in 1 minute, btw there are perfect scripts Conctact me: Skype -> ferraaan91 / ferraaan91@hotmail.com ( u can use both ) Mail me: drop me a mail in my Inbox!! Ask price in skype or mail!
  24. SOLD !!!!!!!!! ........................
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