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Aero Healer Lvl100 Naia

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Aeore healer (elven Elder) lvl100


318kk adena

411 ncoins 

r99 robe recovery type

tunic +5

stocking +5

circlet +4

boots +4

gloves +4

lapham rose pet 

200 rose essence

2x mapr luck potion

rune xP 200% 7 dias

3 drop rate rune 200% 7 dias

16 party cake

sp rune pack 200% 7 dias

17 erupting vitality pots

emperor weapon pack 

51k mentee mark

2 mapr wind scroll

rodemail rune pack 15 days

zaken +3


blessed specter buster (soul/acuman)

istina bracelet

superior giant codex

twilight heavy armor

apocalipse slasher focos/death+4


Can also accept trade for items / chars on Skelth

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