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  1. Sold him that 5b, Trusted once again, definitely recomend!
  2. Okey... ppl bought them like warm bread lol, SOLD OUT, when i get more i'll update ^^
  3. Trusted, bought account from him all went fine, and hes quite friendly! And im quite lucky apparently!! ))
  4. Just Sold him few billions, again Perfect trade , GL with selling the character mate. Trusted.
  5. Just a tip since it seems you are ''virgin'' at this kind of business, make a huge disclaimer that anyone can read, that you must be pmed at mxc first before doing any trade to make sure its real you,and not a copy cat, becouse just 20 min ago 1 of my costumers got scammed by fake me.vs.you at skype for 360 euros, not saying its your foult, but simply do it so the nasty scammers wont do it again