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  1. I don't know how serious a company can be when they use images from the internet Example, all server related images that you see in their website are Google's servers. (http://www.economiabolivia.net/2014/03/16/los-servidores-de-google-por-dentro/). You would better find another company.
  2. Good job. I liked it. It might not be professional, but it's nice. I am pretty sure that if you continue working on this kind of movies with better tools and ideas, you will be able to make nice movies not only in l2 but in general. I will be waiting for the pt 2.
  3. Songs. Read lyrics online. You don't have to be a super star, it's all about practicing your English when speaking. Turn on the radio, youtube, spotify or whatever you want and start singing along.
  4. Yeah, there's a service somewhere around here which you can pay and they send a letter carefully written based on their ToS/Policies and sometimes you have a good chance to be unbanned (of course it always depends on the reason that you got banned for). Usually, they unban someone if they sent a really emotionally letter to them.
  5. It seems like someone disabled your PM's unless it's a bug.
  6. HWID could be anything in your hardware, you know that, don't you? Which means, CPU, Motherboard, HDD, GPU, Network Adapter, etc. Try changing all the ID's. Now, if it's not HWID related, a quick guess by my side would be some file stored in your L2 directory or a line of code. If I were you; I would download a completely new patch (a whole new fresh installed l2 directory) just to make sure.
  7. Download DroidVPN and use the 100 free MB / day.
  8. Did you even read the whole topic? He is sending messages from a stolen mobile phone. Plus, why would you charge for a free shared image binder? Taking stuff from hacking forums and then selling them is not right. //OP: To at least minimize the damage, make the facebook account reset all sessions and he will be logged out.
  9. I was one of the people who shared Gearbox too (through a post) but dropbox limited my account for generating too much traffic and I did not notice. I received many, many, many Skype contact requests and PM's so I shared it again. Dunno if it's shared by someone else, if it's working or not, if it's the same or whatever, I just re-shared what I shared a few years ago.
  10. http://demo.dzinerstudio.com/ --> Select SMF 2.0 Themes --> GearBox [PREMIUM]
  11. [sMF]Gearbox Theme Download link: tinyurl.com/SMF-Gearbox2016 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [iPB]Gearbox Theme Download link: tinyurl.com/IPB-Gearbox2016 \\keywords// gearbox, smf, ipb, theme, gearbox theme, gearbox cracked, gearbox hacked, gearbox free, gearbox smf, gearbox ipb, download, 2016, premium, gearbox smf download, gearbox ipb download, gearbox smf crack, gearbox ipb crack, gearbox nulled, cracked themes, cracked forum, cracked forum themes, hacked smf theme, h
  12. No lawyer is needed. Threats are taken as emergent situation. SIM cards in the UK are verified with ID. In this case, they can report the number to police but this would not result in anything if it doesn't go further.
  13. Police? Nope, they are just simple pigs who go oink oink all day. As for the IP/Telephone, it requires several laws to be followed since the judge will give the final OK. You already know that even if they can find the IP, it might be a proxy, vpn or a public hotspot.