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  1. oohh i was with phone and i did not see this video... i will follow thanks does not helps bro. :(:( :(:( maybe i must chanfe ip adress too
  2. i changed mac adres and reinstaled windows but does not helps
  3. anny isue about this??? i think they dony ban me only on hwid.
  4. I cant creat even new acc to because i have ban omg why u dont understand? what u think if i will bypass ban i will log with my main char on server? :D
  5. thank you but need little help in codes. i am doing this first time
  6. I debug L2.exe via IDA but i cant finde "you have been baned" or something like this... I used keywords like "BLOCK" "block" "ACCOUNT" "account" but still no succes
  7. i tryed windows reinstal but did not helped... i debugg l2.exe in olydbg too but cant finde Key where i have ban.
  8. hah so funny boy u are ;) i ask here for help if u dont have any issue pleae dont spam!!!
  9. i did not fali. i dont care if i wont get unbaned just interesting how its heppening.
  10. the problem is that i think it is not only HWID Ban.
  11. hi all. i got ban i think it is HWID.. i change mac adrees change HWID ID but still no succes.. any1 have bypassed it?
  12. hi to all. i am looking for SG bypass for l2tower. if some1 can do it i will pay.. thanks