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  1. Hello everyone. I dont know if its the right section but i will go on xD Well, im a 2nd year software engineering student (First degree) and im taking an optional module which is called IT Security. As you can understand, since its being taught at a university , they cannot go further in the actual stuff and everything is so theoretical. It looks really interesting to me and i would like to start learning the "actual stuff". I have no idea about penetration testing etc so i dont want just to follow tutorials on-line because i will not know what im doing. Any tips from where to beg
  2. Hello guys... My gf's mother is being threatened by someone (unknown obviously) who stole her mobile and has access to a lot of personal information / files etc . He has sent messages through a fake profile on Facebook and also has made calls and has sent messages from her mobile... He is asking for money of course. They went to the police but they are taking a piss and they don't even pay attention... Is there any way of tracking either the Facebook messages' or the mobile calls/messages' location??? If someone knows something Pm me please because it's really important! Thanks for your
  3. We passed through our technical problem and server is running again well ... - Geodata has been added - Augments update : 1 active or 1 passive - Mastery Penalty enabled JOIN US TODAY
  4. First of all there are not donations in server at the moment... maybe after 15 days 2) Im starting software engineering in 20 days at university and i do it because i like it and not "for donations" ! As you see all donate prices are of 3-5 euros just for keep the server alive
  5. If you don't like it you can leave as you came :)
  6. I have always wanted to be part of simple L2 Servers without customs and stuff like this... This is how i like L2 and thats why i worked for this... Of course if my knowledge was higher, i would add some features too... Thanks mate... Its true that nowadays people dont want to spend too much time for L2 ...
  7. Lifestone Rates have been updated... top 10% High 8% Mid 6 % NG 4%
  8. http://l2awakenings.eu/ No customs, opening 3-09 at 18:00 GMT +2
  9. This is how i want my server to be... You may find it boring , while some others have fun in this server... Never mind , thanks for your feedback! Thanks Mate ! :)
  10. We represent you Lineage 2 Awakenings Features, an interlude PvP server x2000 which will remind you of the old good days of this unforgetable game. We aim to provide you all with a gaming enviroment which will be stable, without lags and for sure not online for 2 weeks (well it depends on how many players will be playing) Stop joining servers in which their developers and admins care only about money and they are up just for the first donations, we all know that. You are in the right place! Let us show you some of the features! Grand Opening at 03/09/2015 and time 18:00 GMT +2 Website:
  11. Can someone code something in java for me please??? Since some grand bosses need quest and quests dont work in frozen , i created npcs with Bosses' template IDs and stats and i will spawn them like this ( //spawn 1 00000000000 ) I typed the IDs of those bosses in Bossmanager instance ( not frozen's boss manager ) , but it doesnt work , so i need something like this below... A code which will be announcing 3,2,1 hour(s) before the spawn of any boss of these and at the exact time of the spawn!!! If someone can do it , add me on skype Anestiss18 Thanks in advance!
  12. Magkes, uparxei kaneis na mou grapsei enan kodiko ??? Exw 5-6 npcs pou tous exw valei ta template ID kai stats twn grand raidboss giati alliws den ginetai.. Den doulevoun ta Quests! Thelo enan kodiko pou na leei oti prokeitai na ginei respawn to Baium gia paradeigma se 2 wres,1 wra,mish wra kai Baium has spawned in world!!! An kapoios mporei na to grapsei gia mena epeidh den kserw tipota apo java , add me on skype Anestiss18
  13. Exw auton edw ton boss manager apo elfocrash... http://prntscr.com/898mkk http://prntscr.com/898mvt Kanonika eixe kai ta sketa RaidBoss alla ta evgala... Eftiaksa ena npc kai tou evala template id kai stats tou Valakas gia paradeigma... To egrapsa to ID tou sto Instance aftou tou manager kai molis pataw Grand Boss den kanei tipota... Prepei na kanw kai kati allo i den doulevei etsi ?