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  1. I Would like to sell my HI5 project mid/pvp with specially made cloaks/monsters/npcs/logos/htmls pm me for detail


  2. I Would like to sell my HI5 project mid/pvp with specially made cloaks/monsters/npcs/logos/htmls pm me for details


  3. selling/ passing forward my hi5 project l2netherworld.com Pm me for details and a chat. 

  4. selling my hi5 private mid/pvp project pm me for details!

  5. Selling & Forwarding my hi5 mid/pvp project. pm me for details. 

  6. looking for someone to take over my hi5 project for me. all the details we can talk over pm!

  7. selling my hi5 project to a rightful person. I'll discuss it further in person. Hand crafted NPCS/bosses features, website you wont find anywhere else! 

  8. Looking for someone to take over my Hi5 mid/pvp project.  Unique customized bosses/ unique cloaks made privately etc. pm me for details.

  9. Looking for an experienced person to take over my HI5 mid/pvp project. everything you need to know just pm me here. 

  10. some of the info is updated and G.O pushed back by a further month. Stay tuned
  11. Alpha stage is just around the corner, please register on our forum to find out how you can participate and what kind of rewards you will get once the server finally opens! www.l2netherworld.com/forum
  12. Changeset 27/07/2017 So as follows, I reverted some of the quests back to their retail rewards in adena. As of now, Quests are your main line of adena, monsters will NOT provide that. Adena will not be trade able, which means that I will introduce 3 new currencies that will float around the server. Customized farm zones and instances will provide the new currencies, soon as I have done implementing them into the server, I will start showing the pictures and some cool graphics, for now it is all set in stone in writing. Characters will start at level 40 - Skipping the boring part