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  1. In my opinion, client always choose what he want, if the one hiring something would be me, it would be my decision to choose developer or not, if I wouldn't like the way dev speaks with me, I wouldn't hire him, I see totally no problem here too. Veronica approached to me too, asking for my systems + some personal developing, but since I'm busy on event engine, I rejected him. In any case, I do not see any problem here.
  2. Rev1.27 API, Korean Event, Fixes Implemented: * API system, with ability to create unique events using API. * Korean event, with different amount of rounds, players in rounds. * Implemented class restriction for events. * Implemented ability to disable buff removal on death in event. * Event outputs are written into 'log/EventsLog_xxxx_xx_xx__xx_xx_xx.txt' text files. * Implemented config, to enable 'AFK Title'. When player will receive its first AFK warning, player title will change to AFK title. Reworked: * Changed 'Set Event' function, with ability to set/start event with
  3. Updating topic with information about 1.26 rev: Rev1.26 Fixes, Ordering, Base Defense, Buffer Fixed: * L2Pride: Move when targeting Event Registration Npc. * L2Pride: Errors when spawning Map Guard. * Heading can be set to registration NPC. * Bug report system changed the output of bug text file. * Players in tops will now show real names instead of fake ones. * Last Man Standing and Last Team Standing events will check online players (for event to end). Implemented: * Rewards can now be set to be given, to specific classes. * Ev
  4. Hello once again, updating topic, with information regarding update to 1.25 version: Rev1.25 Language, Spawns, Admin Controls Implemented: * Created Language system, which covers all possible texts, which normal players will receive. (Can be individually selected). * Implemented feature to teleport to map spawn. * Implemented admin control, to set exact next event. * Implemented admin control, to forcefully register / unregister player to / from event. (If event is running, player will be moved in or moved out). * Implemented admin control, to move to e
  5. Topic updated: Added videos on how admin management looks and works.
  6. Design was not ripped from Nexus. Only the registration npc/cboard tab was made by taking a look from Nexus, since when I made those two, I had no vision of how they would look, but Im going to change it sometime soon. Best regards, Erlandys
  7. Thank you very much! First and foremost, there is not a single event we haven't seen before. It looks like you focused on the admin management side of things more than the events themselves. Yes, there are no new events yet, since I was focused, on making the base as functional as possible and yes, I'm thinking about new events, it just takes time to do everything, when you are working alone, have to study and have IRL work :D The buglist manager feature is could be so much more but for some reason you make people send you the file manually. You have control over the code! Just
  8. Event Engine Forum Hello everyone, I guess after reading the title, you will think that I'm either reselling one of the already created engines (Phoenix / Nexus or so on...), or you think this is not worth a try. Well I'd like to say that you are probably wrong. This Event Engine is neither Phoenix, neither Nexus: it's purely made by me. Now you think, why should I try it then? It has cool design. Everything can be controlled through ingame admin commands. Maps can be configured and have their own rewards! It's still under development, so mistakes /
  9. Log skype Erlandys need buy addons


  10. Good to hear that. Well, Im not updating engine for free, for personal requests, if you will find a bug, I’ll fix it when I’ll have time. If you want a personal upgrade, request, you have to pay. Thanks for reply.