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  1. trustable seller, I made alot of deals with him
  2. Price update, down to 17 € /B . Last adenas.
  3. I am back, you can contact me again for business.
  4. i will be some days out. no adena/items till end of month aprox, sorry.
  5. trustable buyer and friendly. 100% rec
  6. wts adena 6€/B plenty in stock. 2x longing coc belt 7s talisman PVP HEAVY SET +8 SOLD B.antharas SOLD Lindvior SOLD tauti ring SOLD baium soul SOLD 7sign talisman SOLD Ruby lvl 5 SOLD Talisman longing SOLD Rulers authority (coc belt) SOLD PVP CUTTER +13 2 SA SOLD ----------------------------------------------------- Pvp robe set +6 SOLD Pve Caster 2Sa +4 SOLD PvP Light set +8 SOLD Trasken SOLD B. valakas SOLD B .antharas SOLD 7s talisman SOLD COC BELT SOLD PVP RETRI 2 sa +10 SOLD anakim SOLD I am trusted seller, selling and buying in mxc since years.
  7. That's good, does it work with other than EU pokerstars too ?
  8. WTS TANK 99/99/80/80 with 16 AP 4 lvl brooches shiny shirt +10 skills +10 (most of them) only paypal, money in advance, pm offers, char is naked. I am trustable, did many trades on mxc. pm offers.
  9. they are giving beta keys here: http://eu.alienwarearena.com/giveaw...ail-key-giveaway
  10. LF last member, active, who likes to train, etc pm for more info.