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  1. Who told you to play on java low rate ? and why would you donate on such server ? it's your fault coz you joined and donated not theirs coz they opened a server with files found on google for free :D . Amazing how people get fooled in 2k18. next time don't chose java files. Simple as that
  2. Yeah, i gain some money too, so i am willing to pay the server owners some money from what i earn.
  3. Hello, there is a way that you can make 0.15 euros per online character on your server ( different IP's and 2+ more hours active) so i am offering you 0.10 for each online that you have. Pm me with proof that you own a server with 50+ online so we can start trading. *In case that someone wants to learn how to do this trick it is 500 euros for me to teach him how to do it, and 35 more euros to buy the supplies for this trick to work. Waiting for your pm's guys. EDIT : In order to save us all time from comments like scam etc, i PAY, I GIVE MONEY for your online, i do not request money to br
  4. Pokerstars.eu Multitool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WWiauGJVlE Exclusive Features These features can and will destroy the gaming experience for normal users, please use them with consideration. No delay:nothing to add Adjustable chances of winning / lose Safe Play:chances of winning to be more than 85% else do not enter. BLUFF:Bluff tyour enemies according to your statistics The following cheats/hacks are included in Pokerstars.eu Multitool Esp 2D Radar Hacks. Information: Game Engine: C++ Distribution Game Version: Latest Version Status: Working Operating
  5. [Release]Dayz Indact TM & Aimbot & WH Loot & Noclip & UD & Bypass ALL AC Features: Aimbot: - Auto Aim ( OnPress / Full ) - Auto Fire - Randomized Aim Location - Aim Range Limit - Smooth Aim - Aim Angle - Fire Delay - Trigger Bot ( OnPress / Full ) - No Recoil Hack: - No Clip (Walk through walls) Render : - Player Radar ( 3D / 2D ) - Zombie Radar ( 3D / 2D ) - Item Radar ( 3D / 2D ) - Bounding Boxes ( 2D ) - CrossHair ( All Weapons ) - Visibility Checks ( Bounding Boxes / Colors ) Esp : - Name ESP - Distance ESP - Weapon ESP - Health ESP
  6. CrossFire Functions: - Always normal headshot (auto on; ikr it's obvious) - One hit kill (F10 to toggle on/off; SMG, MG, Rifle only) - Faster movemen (F11 to toggle on/off; SMG, MG, Rifle only) - No grenade damage(F12 to toggle on/off) - WallHack (F2 - ON/OFF) - NoRecoil (F3 - ON/OFF) - AlwaysHeadshot (F4 - ON/OFF) http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/XJ8iEyzh/file.html[/center]
  7. CS:GO Indact & UD & Aimbot & TriggerBOT & MM UD & Legit & OW Bypass Features: Aimbot : - Auto Aim - Auto Aim Key - Aim Position (Head - Body - Body/Head - Head/Body - Full Hit Scan) - Aim Priority (None - Closest - Near Crosshair - Smart) - Auto Fire - Aim Angle (Normal - Smart) - Non-Sticky Smooth Aim - Auto Wall - Silent Aim - Aim Time - Bullet Control System (Start aiming after X bullets and/or Stop aiming after X bullets) - No Recoil (Visual only - Recoil Control System - Full) - No Spread (Hit Chance) - Anti Aim - Anti Anti Aim - Anti Spawn
  8. Aion Factory v1.2.34 Hack speed at 20.0 No animation (melee) Alert when asmo are near (if u are elyos) You can walk through walls and OFC max attack speed! http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/m7PgHEcy/file.html - Zombies Range Limit - Items Range Limit - Player Icons (5) Misc : - 100% configurable Menu (Enable / Disable features with pure ease) Anticheats: - FairFight ( + Screenshot cleaner). - Punkbuster. - Anti-Leak protection. VIRUS SCAN https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/bcd8c9cfb4474a7b6ffbee2b66c6baae2bebf80fd9a95861870b7d0437aa1026/analysis/1425002080/