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  1. I've sent a message on discord EDIT: talked with him on discord, he does not show previous work and wants us to take " a leap of fate " . I did not proceed with any offer without being able to see what he has done before. I suggest everyone to be carefull with him
  2. Well, then all there is, is to wait for the outcome. I hope it does make an impact! Keep on progressing mate!
  3. You talk about a "Remastered" version here right? You can not call "Remastered" just an animation change and a few textures repainted. Re-mastered means taking it from the bottom and start rebuilding stuff. @NevesOmaThis guy ( one of the few who yet keep the client section alive ) sells these animations for a very low price. He also shares similar armor textures from the latest clients or whatever. With him we also achieved working cloaks for IL. Does it mean we have a good remastered version? Not even close, this is like 0.01% of the total work that has to be done. I do not say those stuff
  4. Why 300mb and not 200 or 400? Btw we do the same but there are tons of things to add and 300 is <1% of the space need to make it decent for 2021..... Well, at least decent up to it's capabilities. To achieve that my investment ( so far ) is more than 25.000 euros already and the total files are more than 10gb. Its not only about the looks, its about mechanics as well
  5. Laravel is a nice framework. Well made wiki. Do you sell it? I am interested of buying it
  6. After renting this guy to code for us, i can state the following: - Very clean and documented code - Very fast service - He is talkative and inspires trust, i feel like talking to a person that knows what he does - After watching his code i can say that indeed, he knows what he does. - Even though he had his personal things to do, ( he told me that from the begining ) he dedicated his time to complete my work pretty fast ( way faster than the deadline i had put ), that means he honors the time and money that someone invests in him - He talks the way a professional software en
  7. I think it is inside the .dll so you need someone to reverse engineer it and make the modifications, then compile it again
  8. This guy keeps the Client Section practically solo alive. For a year we work with him on a daily basis and we are more than satisfied. Decent prices, always over-delivers, very very very friendly attitude and professional approaches on problems. Highly recommended for people who want to make something decent. NOT RECOMMENDED for newbies. Don't waste this guy's time he can solve complex problems. Let the big boys play with him. VOUCHED, keep the good work up mate, l2 community owes you a lot.
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone! Thanks for keeping this community alive!
  10. Download and Install Game Client Download the retail Lineage II Interlude Game client on your computer. You can choose any link from buttons below. Please make sure to write that this is NOT the retail Lineage II Interlude Game client, and you use the latest one. This is very important for everyone to know since this version that you use has many bugs when connected to the gameservers made for Interlude. And before you judge my sayings, i have tried this way, done that, already working on a project for a bit more than 3 years, and this way is just wrong. I do not judge you ju
  11. This is interesting. I have not seen again Lineage 1 private server. Will give it a try sounds fun. When the word "vintage" surrounds Lineage as well. Can you share more information about the project?
  12. @designatrix --> psyancy.psychedelic skype. he is decent. with affordable prices. Contact him
  13. I buy the same for Interlude and can pay well. If someone has it drop me a pm