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  1. But who can provide similar results? I am trying to find someone but so far i encounter people who don't want to work and only get money, scammers and people who can not complete the task, even people who can not design good. I am quite satisfied with their work at atual but this thing is amazing...Those guys are unreachable
  2. As title says i need someone to create an in-game html (huge one though) with content that i will provide ( images - icons ). Rules: Payment will be done in front ( it is a small amount of money so we can send it directly ), and to the seller's card details. ( will be received instantly ). Completion deadline is 48 hours from payment. This is a private work so it is not allowed to be shared / sold anywhere else, or we hold the right to report the seller and his services. Pm me with your skype/discord so i can send you a log with whats in need and you can send me back the offers.
  3. Definitely agree with you. But we have the experience and feedback of many other projects in order to create something unique in every way. When this is done, it will definitely change the industry of private servers for Lineage II , hopefully for the better. Plus we do not count only on lineage community, our goal is to reach people that would never play lineage. This way, we help the resurrection of our favorite game as well. By the way, minimum viable product is a term used much in entrepreneurship. Let me remind you that even there 1/10 projects succeeds. We are a group of entrepreneurs however so we can invest some more money and time to remodel almost all the game, thats why this term ( 3 years ). I was never a loud speaker though, and i am pretty sure with this content i am out of topic. You will see more soon! Thank you very much for your comments in general. If anyone has any feedback / solution as to where and how to contact those guys ( atualstudio ) let me know!
  4. Our project will be nothing similar to the servers that you have ever seen so far, and that's a promise. Our investment there is huge. Started 2 years ago and is still on development, needs at least 8-9 months more to be ready. However, we have planned to show some visuals to the community by creating a decent work in a website and a forum. Everything should be lined up with each other. Server side is important, but have a strong and nice presence on the internet is also important
  5. Maybe i was misunderstood. I need them as designers + web developers to create a new unique concept website for my needs, i do not need their CMS and stuff. I already contacted them, they told me that they would be available in the end of March, and from then i try to contact them but without any response anywhere. Do you have any other web development alternatives?
  6. You can create it your self, search the forums there are a few tutorials.
  7. Do you have any proposal as to where to find them? They are the only ones we found so far that can handle our needs.
  8. It has been already shared somewhere for L2J. You should also contain specified details like your projects pack when asking that sort of questions
  9. Hello, one of our associates is good, NevesOma. He provides excellent services. You can pm him here: https://maxcheaters.com/profile/130654-nevesoma/
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Drop me a pm with your skype, will contact you soon.
  11. Very nice probably will use it. Sent you on skype to buy it. Trusted person, always with appreciated works.
  12. Can you tell more about your service? Why should someone choose this and not this that has votes for better prices for example? https://toplistbot.com/ What more does your service offer? I do not promote that website nor i disclaim your services. However i try to find out the value of them, since some people will probably use them. One more question is, are you a reseller of them? If i choose your service, i will see different IPS directing to those websites rather than the ones on the website listed? Do you have your own proxies / socks ?
  13. Hello, i want to ask for Atual Studio , graphic design services. I have contacted them 3 months ago, told me that we would speak again in 1 month, and ever since, 2 months now they disappeared. Any news ? I tried contacting them in their Phone / contact form / whatsapp as well. Their website link is the following: https://www.atualstudio.com/ Do you also have someone responsible and available for graphic + web services? We try to find someone who knows the Lineage area well, but only for professional services since our needs are highly specialized. Thank you all for your time.
  14. Thank you for this share, many people will use it. ( C4 edition is indeed very good, not many customs are published )
  15. This should help. If you are satisfied, a moderator can lock it. If you need to edit the look of the images seen as inventory then its in your systextures, find out how to open the files. Depends on your chronicle i would first look into L2UI_CH3.utx