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  1. The Robe is a combination of DC and MA 15%cst.speed and 17% +M.atk incl. +1Wit and +1Int, was overpowered in the testing and mage class balancing. So we decide to keep 10% for a better late game experience. But Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Thanks for the interest 🙂 lunargent and hellfire are only farm. Quest Drop x1. It takes 3-4 hours to get 100 moonstone. The AutoFarm is a server side code in the Beta version. L2 Classic uses a Client side auto-farm, so we will test a Client side Autofarm too.
  2. Hi MrPro, maybe i have to work more in the presentation and Marketing XD... The server is hosted in a VPS, and it has been live for 6 weeks, but only for the development phase. Today is actually the Beta opening. You and all interested can fin the download files in the discord: https://discord.gg/8JqDUdjHzV I think what make my server different are the Client-side modifications. We have been working to offer an 2021 game experience for a 2006 launched game. We adapted a Classic IF specially for the server. Remastered the server NPCs and html for a L2Classic look and even manage to adapt most of the l2classic icons(64px) to IL(32px) PS:they look amazing.... So at the end it will be a unique experience playing the L2Berlin. We also want to try a craft server soon, because all the amazing classic stuff we can adapt to IL. Thanks for the reply to my post. 🙂
  3. FEATURES General L2Berlin x45 1° Season old School server like C4 Elite but with modern ideas, NPCs and Interface XP: x45 SP: x45 Adena: x75 – Donations: NO – Class Transfer Npc – Subclass: with quest – Noblesse: with quest – Scheme Buffer – Autofarm System (Beta - being improved) – Anti AFK System – Auto Potions (Cp, Hp, Mp) – Community board Beta Opening: 20.10.2021 Server Official Opening: 01.11.2021 Weapons and Armos Shop up to S-Grade Enchant Enchant Rate: Fully Retail Details: Safe Enchant: +3. For full body armor parts +4 Enchant limit: Weapons +20, Armor +10. Normal enchant Weapons: 40% Blessed enchant Weapons: 50% Normal enchant Armors: 30% Blessed enchant Armors: 40% Custom Content Skills: Noblesse Kiara: + 15% HP,MP,CP Wings of Destiny Circlet: + 25% HP,MP,CP Items: Elite Set (only farm) - Robe Set: WIT+1, INT+1, MEN-2, Magic attack 17%, Casting Speed 10%, Speed +7, Magic cancel rate -50%, Maximum HP +445, Stun vulnerability -50%, and weight limit +15759 - Light Set: DEX+1, STR+1, CON-2, Attack speed/P. Atk +6%, Maximum MP +289, Maximum HP +345, Chance to get Sleep/Hold attack -75%, and weight limit +15759. - Robe Set: WIT+1, INT+1, MEN-2, Magic attack 17%, Casting Speed 10%, Speed +7, Magic cancel rate -50%, Maximum HP +445, Stun vulnerability -50%, and weight limit +15759. Buffs Buff slots: 24 (20+4). – Buffer: up to 4 Schemes – Buffs Time: 120 min – Overs on buffer: No – Overs time: 20 min All skills are auto-learn. Bosses Epics Epic Bosses: [Static Times] - Epic times will be viable for both Latin & EU players. QA: lvl 78 Zaken: lvl 78 Baium: normal Frintezza: normal Antharas: normal Valakas: normal Sub-class & Noblesse Sub-class: With Quest Noblesse: With Quest Premium Account x55 XP/SP (rate) x85 adena (rate) +10% Weapon & Armor Enchant Rate Access to VIP Dressme System (25+ unique Skins) Coming Features after Server launch: - Cloak System for Castle defenders - Anti-Hero System for max PK-PVP Players - Epics special drop(fashion only): AQ cap, Antharas armor Skins, Valakas armor Skin, Baium hair and more... Discord: HTTPS://discord.gg/8JqDUdjHzV Web: https://www.l2berlin.club
  4. I just bought this system and implemented it on my server with a VIP system and Peace zone. 10/10 fast response and support via teamviewer from c1c0s. Thank you!
  5. Thanks for the answer. Dont know, if this is the right section for that. I just updated my Java to 11. Maybe someone can give me a hand? I can pay a bit for the time. But i get this errors trying to compile the gameserver: compile: [javac] Compiling 1736 source files to C:\Users\herme\git\l2server\acis_public_server\aCis_gameserver\build\classes [javac] C:\Users\herme\git\l2server\acis_public_server\aCis_gameserver\java\net\sf\l2j\gameserver\autofarm\AutofarmPlayerRoutine.java:36: error: package org.jetbrains.annotations does not exist [javac] import org.jetbrains.annotations.NotNull; [javac] ^ [javac] C:\Users\herme\git\l2server\acis_public_server\aCis_gameserver\java\net\sf\l2j\gameserver\autofarm\AutofarmPlayerRoutine.java:207: error: cannot find symbol [javac] @NotNull [javac] ^ [javac] symbol: class NotNull [javac] location: class AutofarmPlayerRoutine [javac] 2 errors Update: solved. Just took out "import org.jetbrains.annotations.NotNull" and "@NotNull". It works fine. Thanks for sharing
  6. Hi Community! im trying to add this code in my Acis 382 and get 1 this error: seens like the "var" cannot be resolved to a type. Any Idea which is the best way to resolve this? Thanks
  7. on my server the mana potion take 15 sec to heal. All the interfaces just spawn the potions every sec, this restart the coldown from to 15 sec again and consume all the potions... How and where can i edit this?
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