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  1. Hello everyone, selling a layout that never reached its owner, the name was taken as an example (if I'm not mistaken - it's still free) The design is made in the "flat" minimalism, which is now in demand. Topic Not for discussion, all comments and criticism can write in the PM. Layout in one hand, without layout (I will give contacts of good people who will make a quality layout) Any changes at will. Price: 22$ Contact: Skype\E-Mail or PM And sorry for my "best" english
  2. Hello ! My partner and I do updateers for our favorite Lineage 2, as well as for any other games. You can order both to your liking and choose already ready (see section "On sale"), ready we can already change to your requests. For regular customers there will always be discounts! Also, recently we started making designs for gaming servers. You can see the list of services on our website using this link. List of updateers that are on sale, as well as the portfolio is located at this link We did not disappear anywhere and I want to say that du