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  1. There are times, when you want to play alone, or you don't have those old friends you played with because they're not playing the game anymore. Still if you want to play, you need a party, and for that, this is one of the solutions. Not to mention how time consuming MMORPG games can be.
  2. Thank you for your recommendation, and your words. There are some functions that I am not allowed to talk about until the server comes live, however there are some that I can talk about. - A premium function, which allows players to buy two different kind of premium packs which will add a premium membership to your character for a certain amount of time: 1, 3, 7, 14, 30 days to be exact. One of these packs gives the following bonuses for the time being: x2 xp, x2 sp, x2 drop, x2 spoil. If you're in a party with at least one people who does not have premium, the drop multiplier goes
  3. We are done with the previous project, and awaiting new clients. Requirements: - English is a MUST! - Thorough, and very detailed explanation about your idea, plan, etc... - Pay per function done. - Not going back on your words, and changing things in midst of developing!
  4. He is not registered on the forum, anyway, we are working on a project right now for someone that has found us on this forum, after it's done we are free for new projects or any kind of coding work.
  5. Hello there! Me and my friend are offering coding support for your server, basically you can "hire" us to fix something on your server. Reflect damage, pvp damages, adding new buffs to the game, removing buffs from the game, basically anything you can imagine, we can even fix the "geodata" on your server, so not just the characters, but even every mob, pet, summon doesn't get stuck, doesn't teleport through walls, they will follow the path, like a real AI, and will go around the walls whilst chasing you. If anyone's interested, here we are. Our prices are pretty low, but of course it depen
  6. My free reference: Auto augment script for all three major chronicles. New script: Multipurpose supporter script. Can be used on Bishop, Shillien Elder, Elven Elder, Warcryer, Overlord. - Buffing party members by name each with their own unique bufflist that you can give. It will ONLY buff the missing buffs, so if you get a cancel it will instantly rebuff the missing buff(s) on you! - Party heal. - Self heal - Party recharge - Follow given player - Assist given player ( put debuffs on mobs: stigma, windshackle etc... you can give the debuffs you want to put on mobs, even mu
  7. Anyone knows any hack for this server? i dont believe everything is patched there must be a way to hack with somethin i know u guys can do a hack for that server Dragon-network......
  8. If anyone ( especially maxt0r :wink: ) can do a new help.html that will be f*****g great ^^ i dont know is this a hard work or something but if u have a little freetime plz make a new NON patched help.html for dragon-network servers