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  1. WTB Empty old accounts NcSoft I don't care if u have some "archer 65 lvl" or smth, I am only interested old acounts, can be empty. WTB in bulk. PM there or RobsonAske#2175 discord
  2. WTB old accounts at NCSoft. Can be empty. RobsonAske#2175 discord or pm there.
  3. pmed u at discord about Great sword
  4. WTS Adena Giran NCWest Lineage 2 Classic server. ALSO FOR SELL: AQ LVL 3 ORFEN LVL 3 CLOTH PIECE X300 FRINTEZZA NECKLACE Contact: discord: RobsonAske#2175 skype: rizzer1991 or pm forum. ONLY THIS CONTACT METHOD, ALWAYS CHECK IF U SPEAK WITH ME VIA SENDING PM AT FORUM BEFORE ANY DEAL TO AVOID SCAM. Payment method: paypal gift, skrill.
  5. WTS Adena at Tiat server Innova EU. Cheap prices, big stock. Contact: Discord: RobsonAske#2175 or pm forum.
  6. WTB Adena Ramona EU. I'm privat buyer, not RMT company. 100% possitive feedback 3 years at maxcheaters. PM with ur skype and price . My Skype:
  7. Welcome back, :). Items from Lineage 2 Core EU 4game: WTS: - 20 B adena - Talisman Longing, - AQ soul ring - +6 Blessed R99 Retributer 2x SA - Blessed Robe set +6 (3 parts blessed) - Enchanted istina ring wizard +4 Items can be sold for euro or adena. I never go 1st in trades, u can check my feedback at forum, 100% trusted. PM me forum with offers, or skype :)