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  1. 1. Female Se 58 (have scrolls to 60) 60e 2. Destro 67 vip 4 for 3 months 110e have rune inside wh 7days unopened 3. Spoil 56 67% vip 4 for 14days/ 70e Sold 4. Tyrant 65 lvl 91% (inside acc necro 41 lvl) vip 4 3.5 have rune pack in wh 7days unopened month 130e 5. Prophet 48 w/o dw+haste 40e 41kk in stock, 2e per kk Sold Karmian set +6 110e For more info write pm or discord. Pedals#7604 Make sure u talking witm me in discord write pm in mxc with code so ill have to retype for u same
  2. Wanna try it out gonna tell later how do i feel with this interface