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  1. There is no point in fighting the bots, while paid adr user still gonna use it w/o any problems... If our server had good enough online players count, botting problem would be solved with the Gameplay Stages (concentrating the main action into not so huge areas, where normal people would fight the bots themselves). Of course, I can ban bots manually by cheking the main spots, but while the community is so small, I will tolerate it for now. As I said before, we won't give up. The aim of this project is not the money, I am a fan of Gracia Final and I would like Interlude players to like it
  2. It's hard to expect huge success at the beginning but we can promise to do everything and keep this server alive as long as it will start to gain people's trust.
  3. Less than 5 hours left til server Start. We are fully ready for openning! To CONNECT to server: -Download Lineage2 Gracia Final client from HERE or HERE -Download Our Server Patch from HERE -Registration will be automatic. See you in game! http://www.graciafinal.net
  4. All zones and NPCs work fine, we are trying to concentrate all server action to specific places, which would depend on server's stage. We believe, this would bring more pvps, fun and will prolong the gameplay.
  5. Stay tuned for Live Launch info. As soon as we finish a new website and few server side tricks, we will put all our effort on advertising the server. Only then we will be able to tell real facts (expectable online etc).
  6. Gameplay Modifications In order to fully experience graciafinal x30 chronicle ant its features, we modified the gameplay and divided it into 3 stages: Begins: on LIVE server launch Ends: on 4th Grand Olympiad Heroes announcement (4 weeks or 1 month) Description: this is initial period of graciafinal x30. In this stage players can farm/craft items up to S-grade, kill RaidBosses, GrandBosses, participate in Grand Olympiad Games, Fortress/Castle Sieges and Territory Wars. Main action of the server is located in Ketra/Varka zones, RaidBosses and GrandBosses locations. All zones ar
  7. Test Server is now ONLINE! Whats is changed: Starting level - 85 EXP/SP rate - x1000 PTS shop in Giran Town (up to S84) Grand Olympiad working 23hrd/day Heroes changes every 2 days GrandBosses respawn 1+1 h Check website or forum for more info! http://graciafinal.net http://graciafinal.net/forum Lineage II Gracia Final Client download: Direct download (http://www.fileplanet.com/201832/download/Lineage-2---Chaotic-Throne:-Gracia-Final-Client) Torrent download (http://www.gamershell.com/download.html?id=44070&torrent=1&cat=demo&filename=&ts=1442256529&aut
  8. Hello, everyone! I would like to presen new mid rate server project. Chronicle: Lineage II Gracia Final (CT2.3) WEB: http://graciafinal.net FORUM: http://graciafinal.net/forum LIVE launch date: 2015.11.27 18:00 CET Exp / Sp - x30 Party Exp / Sp - x2 Adena - x30 Drop / Spoil - x20 RaidBoss drop - x20 GrandBoss drop - x5 GrandBoss jewels drop - x1 Manor - x10 Quest Drop - x10 Quest Reward - x1 Scroll Enchant Chance - 66% Scroll Enchant Safe - +3 Scroll Enchant Max - unlimited Attribute Stone Chance - 50% Attribute Crystal Chance - 50% Augment Skill Chance Life Stone - 15%