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Found 14 results

  1. Professional Lineage 2 High Five Emulator! Server emulator fully written in Java. Telegram channel: We are waiting you, regards!
  2. Professional Lineage 2 High Five Emulator! Server emulator fully written in Java. Telegram channel: The suscription includes the following: 3 paid mods of your choice (with a price below 20€). Bugs priorization. Private group chat with the L2JDevs team members. Compiled server pack with, at least, one update per month. Compiled geodata pack with, at least, one update per month. Access to the VIP area and support. Some of the features: Implementations: - Treasure chest High Five implementation - Nevit's Advent Blessing - Nevit Hourglass - Area fan (for example: Rush impact) - Custom aggro range limit - Free mana cost in fortress and castles - New super haste - Fortress of Resistance - The Pilgrom's Necropolis - Execution Grounds - Added missing mobs in the map - Spawn return - Pc Points - Prime Shop Points - Instances: -- Seed of Infinity -- Hall of Erosion -- Hall Of Suffering -- Krateis Cube -- Pailaka Injured Dragon -- Zaken Night -- Andreas Van Halter -- Freya Hard - AIs: -- Lucky Pigs -- Drake Mage AI -- Ward Of Death -- Missing Pagan Temple AI's -- Master Toma (npcId 30556) -- Parade AI in Fantasy Isle -- Seer Ugoros - Quests: -- 7signs Solinas Tomb -- 7signs Power of the Seal Add-ons: - ModsEngineV2, you can select from a several list of mods for your server needs - AthenaEngiveV2: -- Team vs Team (no teams limit) -- Capture the flag -- Deathmatch Some bugfixing : - Fix for Quest A Game Of Cards (Q00662) - Fix for Forgotten Truth Quest (Q00106) - Fix for missing minions in Crystal Caverns Instance - Fix for Doorman Zombie (NpcId 22136) and Chapel Guard (NpcId 22138) - Fix for Don't Know Don't Care Quest (Q00456) - Fix Hellbound Npc Kief - Siege golems fixed - Fixing multiple hits made by NPC's which had base attack type FIST. - Fear effect - Fix for runners (Antharas Lair) - Jail system. - Fix for Fake Death Delay - Herbs - Pickup - Vengenance UD effect fix - Retail like player/pet/clan names rules - Fix for warnings in FishingChampionshipManager - Sweeper Skill - L2AirShipInstance - Fix animations of skills - Fix for Sweeper Festival Skill - Fix for mobs must use SS and BSS - Fix for issue about unlimited stun - Fix Admin GmShop htm and buylists - Valley of Saints AI: handles the other self spawn - Isle of prayer AI: added the silhouette spawn logic - Plains of lizardman AI: when you hit a Tanta summoner, two Tanta scouts are spawned - Add missing drop epic weapons raidboss. - Fix StakatoNest for leader heal with followers - Rework on AirShipGludioGracia - fix missed npc on MOS - Added missing Triol's Revelation (npcId 32068) htm - Fix html in Quest Fates Whisper - Fix spawn of Tanta Guard - The door opens with the Anteroom Key - Fix Doom Wraith Spawn - Ingenious Contraption Missing Html - Valakas Family Spawn - Fix for tattoos - Q00454_CompletelyLost fix - Fix mana burn with celestial - Fix in Seductive Whispers (663) - Fix for Blessed Olf's T-shirt Enchant Scroll - Fix Stigma Aftermath - Missing drop in MOS & sel mahum clan range - Fix quest LegendaryTales - Restored Mouth of Ekimus dialogs - Minor fix on Destroyed Tumors AI - Retail-like Fate's Whisper quest (234) - Fix for Q00696 Conquer The Hall Of Erosion - Fixed Door on Library Of Sages - Fix for StakatoNest AI - Fix for Disciples Necropolis Past - Fix Zaken door - Added missing NPC Galman in Dragon Valley - Fix for Deadly Poison (6815) and Deadly Bleed (6816) - Add missing html's & conditions in Newbie Guide - WalkingGuards fixes - Multiple NPEs Suscription Price: The suscription costs €150,00 per year. Click here for suscribe. If you're interesting in the suscription but you don't need a year suscription or you don't have the totally money, contact me by PM to talk about that. Best regards.
  3. Dear MaxCheaters! I'm looking for L2JFree rev 1741 source code for Interlude. I've been searching all around the internet and I found that all links are dead. If someone has the source please leave a link. I want the full source code for game and login server with datapack. If I posted in the wrong section please moderators, put the topic in the right section. Thank you. EZ.
  4. Hi Someone Tells Me As Active The Siege Event in the data pack of the Pride server
  5. Hello people, Here I leave you some features about the project, I hope you like. Not based at any well known projects, Teon, aCis, Frozen, Sigmo, Etc. Private, international Interlude project. Price and info; .- Pack Compiled + support 3month : 30usd .- Source pack + support lifetime : 60usd .- Forum project Coming soon ;* Protections. .- DragonHunters Attacker, Fixed. .- Attacker v3, Fixed. .- L2j-Killer, Fixed. .- Server Crasher, (All versions), Fixed. .- Phx Protection, It has the same protections that have any l2j pack, is recommended to buy the LameGuard. .- Phx Spam, Fixed. .- Phx Announce, Fixed. .- DualBox Protection, (With Config, True or False). .- L2Walker Protection, (With Config, True or False). .- Flood Protection, (Config). .- Anti Bot Protection, (With Config, True or False). .- Anti Feed Manager, (With Config, True or False). ;* Retail Features .- Castles, 100% Working. .- Olympiad System, 100% Working. .- Skils, 95% Working. (We continue to work). .- GrandBoss, (Core,Orfen,Queen Ant,Baium,Antharas,Valakas,Frintezza), Fixed. Also u can test it. .- Augment, Working. .- Hero Weapon, 100% Working. .- SubClass system for classMaster work retail like (for example, if you are Fighter you can go to change your main class only in Fighter guild) .- Clan Gate, Working. .- Trade system, Working like L2OFF. (Also u can test it). .- Macro System, Reworked. .- Class Master Update, They can modify via htm & config. .- Balance Class, All classes and skills are well balanced. .- Zone System, Reworked. .- Community Board, Reworked, + Custom Community Like L2Sigmo. .- Hero Message & infos, Fixed. .- Beast Farm, 100% Working. .- Almost all quests are working. .- Fortress & CH Siege are working. .- Clan Hall System, Working. .- Siege System, Working. .- Manor System, Working. ;* Custom Features. .- AIO Server System, (With Config True or False). .- Donador Server System, (With Config True or False). .- Sleep Effect in Offline Shop. .- Offline Shop + Configs. .- Away Mode, (I think you know what this). .- PcBank Points, (With Config True or False). .- Vote Reward System, Hopzone & TopZone. .- Champion System, (With Config True or False). .- Events, TvT, CTF, TW, DM. Rebirth. .- Wedding Manager. .- PvP Custom Reward. .- Command .Online & Player Online on enter. .- And we will added more things soon. ;* Some quest are rewritten in java. ;* All AI are rewritten in java. ;* Hero Circlet & Hero Weapon, rewritten in java and separated. ;* Some sql are rewritten in xml. Olympiad Messages: Olympiad System Custom Community Board Champion Mods Auras Aura Red Aura Blue Or random aura ; If u are interested, Send me a PM. my Skype : myazzxd
  6. Hi guys! Long ago I had an interlude server and used l2jfrozen but now I do not know what datapack to use I want something that is stable. The server will be mid rate or low rate interlude. Please appreciate your recommendations. ::) Thank you very much and sorry for my english
  7. Greetings people, I've got a question that I'd really like to answer by myself but I've only got basic java knowledge. Recently, I decided to categorise some custom made items. Here's an example of the method I chose to do it: //This code was written inside L2ItemInstance class public boolean isCustomItem() { switch(getId()) { case 1311: //random item case 2244: //random item case 3554: //random item return true; } return false; } This works completely fine but it seems pretty sloppy. Now, I understand that there is another way of doing it through L2Item instead of L2ItemInstance class by creating booleans, updating StatsSet and working on xmls by adding the custom boolean to the respective items. However, I really can't tell whats the difference in terms of coding efficiency and reliability (if there is any). Has any of you fellows got this sorted out? Which way would you choose? Maybe another way not mentioned here? Thanks!
  8. Hello guys, We collect these data on official server so feel safe to use it. I have 2 datapack version (Lindvior and Ertheia) so check it before using or it may cause server error. Please note that the data is the original work of L2Ertheia Team. Make sure to give us credit when you're using the data. There will be more free shares to come so keep the topic alive. ERTHEIA NPC_SPAWN P/s: I will give out freemium datapack if anyone is interested, please pm for more information.
  9. Selling high-quality server Lineage 2 Classic by Nice Team The test will be provided, and there is up to you The price and conditions in Skype:Lolians051 NEW TOPIC!!! Please!!! To write only to those who want to buy Lineage 2 Classic server!
  10. Hi all Does anyone have a server Datapack and clean and full pack? Osea full that has nothing to npc you can edit it myself, but I need a data that walks and perfectly please help me to open my server but I need the data and clean server with nothing to that ada that the download link that they may walk. Thank you! PH: Freya Chronic
  11. Hello MaxCheaters friends! I want you to help me with the data and server pack clean freya nothing without error please help Link pass this on and walk through!
  12. INTRODUCTION Greeting everyone, Our team is based in Singapore and every member has always been a Lineage 2 fanboy. From players, we've been developing ourself to become much more than just playing this game, we involve almost in every possible way to make this game more popular than it should be/used to be right now. As Lineage 2 is getting newer with each expansion, we stick to the newest one to bring all the excitement yet more friendly to new players than customizing the old packs (but they're still the best actually...). We're looking forward to working with the publishers that want to contribute anything to recreate this game a better playground. Our official discussion and free data giveaway: Happy Holiday! First of all thank you for your feedbacks, they're precious to us neither it's good or bad because you actually care to leave a comment. We are having a hard time finding customer at this price point so as Christmas and New Year is coming, we're holding the biggest promotion ever! Beside I have already mentioned revised plans to fit everyone's needs. Please check this out below or at our website WE ARE NOW EXTENDING OUR SERVICE TO PROVIDE MORE PREVIOUS STABLE VERSION OF INTERLUDE AND HIGH FIVE ALONG WITH LINDVIOR AND ERTHEIA. RENT A PRE-INSTALLED LINEAGE 2 SERVER MANAGER PLAN - $400 $150 *New Year 2015 Promotion* Version Interlude/High Five/Lindvior Setup Fee 100$ Limit 300 Players Basic Updater 24/7 Support Normal Priority Money-back Guarantee* ADMINISTRATOR PLAN - $500 $200 *New Year 2015 Promotion* Version Interlude/High Five/Lindvior Setup Fee 50$ Limit 300 Players Basic Updater 24/7 Support High Priority Money-back Guarantee* OFFICER PLAN - $700 $350 *New Year 2015 Promotion* Version Ertheia FREE Setup Fee UNLIMITED Players PROFESSIONAL Updater 24/7 Support DEDICATED STAFF Money-back Guarantee* SERVER DATAPACK STARTUP PACKAGE - $1500 $750 *New Year 2015 Promotion* Ertheia Datapack Retail Geodata MONTHLY Revision 24/7 Support Medium Priority Hotfix Money-back Guarantee* DEVELOPER PACKAGE - $2200 $1100 *New Year 2015 Promotion* Ertheia Datapack Retail Geodata WEEKLY Revision 24/7 Support High Priority Hotfix Money-back Guarantee* PARTNERSHIP - CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE Full Source Code SVN Access DAILY Revision Team Support On Demand Service Infinite Odyssey Beta L2ERTHEIA.COM POSITIVE FEEDBACKS CHANGELOG RETAIL WORKING FEATURE PROOF
  13. Hello i wanna show you my Freya Datapack project Special Features 1.Custom cancellation system: When you buffs get steal in 10 secounds they will be returned 2. Anti-KS system: This system is when someone try to get you farm. The player who make most DMG on the mob or RB will get the drop 3. Killing - spree system: You will get publicly broadcasted after you kill 5/10/15/20/25/etc people consecutively without dying. 4. Spawn protection effect: When you die in the PvP zone in 10 secound you will be respawn whit nobleses 5. Geodata & Pathnods: We can ensure you will not encounter wallshoots, wallwalkers or any kind of similar troubles with our geodata (Its closed source , high modded geodata and pathnods stazis ) 6. Working community board 7. Crystall Scrolls: You can use them like special scrolls to make item's more enchantable than normal and blessed one's or to set them like donation scrolls 8. Custom Pk-Guards: You can use them to protect newbies in farm zones to don't have Pk's 9. Custom Balance: All class stats are Retail. The skills wich is for chanse are maked to be 50/50 on +30/15, curse fear/ silence are fixed 10. Custom GoD Cloack's Custom NPC's 1. Custom GM Shop 2. Custom Buffer: Whit Buffs +15/30 ofcourse you can make them w/o enchant 3. Custom Global Gatekeeper 4.Custom Rank Manager: Shows you Top PvP/Pk Stats 5. Custom Event Manager Events: TvT Deatmatch Zombie Russian Roulette Capture The Flag Battlefield Domination Lucky Chest Simon Says Bomb Fight And Special Event Last Hero: ofc it can be enable or disable 6. Custom Special NPC: Its a Npc who look like a player you can make it all race/class/grander/items and even to make it hero you can use it even for special mob or Raid Boss :) Other: 1. Siege reward system , The winners of the siege will get reward ( you can change it on configs ) 2. Clan point manager ( players can buy rep points for their clan ) all bugs fixed and npc is fully working 3. Vote systems are improved with new msg style ( kinda cool and not the shity announce ment color ^^ ) 4. Announce Hero Login 5. Announce castle lord Login 6. New htmls style ( really unique 100% mine ) 7. More improve html ( cleanup ) faster npcs 8. 40% faster core ( Server load really fast , even if all options are enabled ) 9. Dressme system ( players will look to wear w/e armor they wish , no matter if they use other on invetory ) 10. custom starting title for new players ( you can set the title for new players ) 11. change sex npc 12. Automatic Hide and Seek 13. Automatic Quiz Event 14. Last hero event ( Like FFA and winner will get reward hero status untill restart ) 15. New custom clan halls 16. you need X pvps to use Trade and shout. ( you can choose how many pvps or even disable this ) 17. The mob of your chooise will turn players into flag if they cast a skill or if they touch it ( flag mob system ) 18. New msgs style , more unique 19. New unique ender world msgs , you can write anything you like there 20. change sex npc ( players can change sex of their chars , ofc they have to pay ) 21. New noobles managers 22. Fame +reward for each pvp (You can change it ) 23. Olympian Armors (you can set/remove them easy or use it only for GM's or remove them stats and make them useful for .dressme command :) ) Balance is 99%. The only problem wich need fix on the server is Kamael - Lethel Shot :) but its easy to fix it For contact: Skype: pi4a312 Email's: ;
  14. Hello, I have recently upgrated my interlupe server to gracia final and I want to add an account registration system so anyone who wants to create an account can do so from my website. I tried to find more info about that but since I am not a programmer I dont know what key words to use to find what I am looking for. I would also like to add an auto update system to live feed info (like server status) on my website I would really appreciate any help on the topic! P.S I ve been searching everywhere for a datapack for the latest lineage version out there (God - Lindvior) But it doesnt seem like I am going to find anything. If you know anything about the topic could let me know please (like a guide or link for the datapacks). Thanks in advance