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Found 22 results

  1. Hello I'm learning how to edit java and that whole topic I would like to learn how to edit the status of several sets for example -Dread -Titanium -Vesper -Dynasty Anyone tell me? or explain to me
  2. L2Hayze Reborn Dear Lineage II Players, Recently L2Hayze closed because our new project Kemosa (A continuation of Hayze but on the Infinite Odyssey client) was about to open. However after opening Kemosa and having many issues found by testers and players, we decided that it wasn't fair to our player community to close the server they were already enjoying when the continuation to that project wasn't fully ready and running smoothly. So we have decided to do two things. 1) Hayze and Kemosa will remain separate projects not forcing anyone to upgrade to the next server. Both will
  3. Someone tells me how to fix the bug that I try to spawn my tokens and they do not appear Link Image:http://prntscr.com/ifuzgt
  4. Hi Someone Tells Me As Active The Siege Event in the data pack of the Pride server
  5. In which part I can edit the prices of the npc donation of the database of l2 pride NPC NAME:TOKEN MACHINE
  6. Hello Friends I want to convert an apc to an npc that will be a shop Capture:http://prntscr.com/igb7px
  7. As promised several times in the past, L2 AEPvP will officially launch an epic H5 version this year. The development was ceased last time due to lack of time and interest from the team but now the L2AEPvP team is making a comeback on the scene on the fresh H5 client that has never seen a true pride-like before. A few things about L2AEPvP team: L2AEPvP team currently consists of talented developers that devote their free time to develop an original pride like server from scratch (zero) by implementing ideas that were originally developed by Dav for the legendary L2Pride. We don't rely on s
  8. hello i found this pack on forum and i need help to install it for a test local server..i will never make it on internet just for my practice..plz help.. link for pack https://www.4shared.com/rar/gjmsCa27ce/L2Pride_General_Files_Package.htm
  9. Server Features: Gracia Final High and Low Rate Combined. PvP and PvE Basic Features NPC Buffer Book of Secret Automatic Events Olympiad Farming Areas Merchants PvP Colours PvP Rewarding System Stats on accessories Working Raidbosses Custom enchant rates. Starting level: 80 Max level 95. Unique Features Items Currency: Dest Coin, Dest Silver and Dest Gold Item Currency: Eva's, Shilen, Einhasad and Gran Kain Hearts There are 6 tiers of armors and weapons: Rare, Heroic, Unique, Epic, Legendary and Obsidian. Epic and above will be extremely hard to obtain. Rare to Heroic These Armors a
  10. Server Custom PvP/Farm Features: Max Level: 90 Experience: 5000x Before lvl 85 Sp: 5000x Enchant: Safe +6/7 Custons itens like L2 Pride Farme Zone: Cave of Trials Dragon Valey Cave Is closed in moment. Custons Events: TvT CTF DM Kamaloka Instance (In test) And More: Skills Gracia (50%) Effects Set +16 / +12 Assistance for bishop/ Tank Site: L2progame.com.br Forum: l2progame.com.br/forum Page: L2Progame
  11. Welcome to Lineage2 Broken Server Features L2Broken is a gracia final server, based on L2Pride. It has been reworked and updated to provide the best game play ever with continuous development. If you loved playing on L2Pride well this server is made for you. Wondrous Cubic The Wondrous Cubic is an all in one item that offers basic functions such as a Global Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Skill Enchantment, Augmentation, Symbol Maker, and Class Upgrades. The Cubic also provides some more advanced features like an In-Game Password Changer, and allows you to view player detailed sta
  12. Hello MxC, I want to present to your community our incomming project which is based on Interlude Client and the known L2Pride. We want to bring back these glory days, to reach that we need new ideas aswell. So the server will be mostly based on C6 Pride, plus our own modifies. We are going to be online in the first days of 2017. Site,Pages are still under constraction. Follow us on Facebook --> L2Proud FunPage - General Info Easy level up to 80. Maximum subclasses limited to 9. Limited buffslots. All the necessary npc's. Customized Raid/Grand Bosses.
  13. hello friends am from Venezuela a country that has a very serious economic situation and want to mount a server liniage II equal to pride but I need a partner to help me pay the VPS because in Venezuela the dollar is expensive and not achieved -If you are interested in installing the server with me Go unto the Imbox hola amigos soy de Venezuela un país que tiene una situación económica muy grave y quiero montar un servidor de liniage II igual al pride pero necesito un socio que me ayude a pagar la VPS ya que en venezuela el dolar esta caro y no se consigue -Si estas interesado en montar
  14. = Custom Farming Zones = L2Sense has 3 Main Farming areas, each as a special attribute. Cave of Trials is geared toward new players, so we have change COT and all of the Orc continent into an S80 only zone. Many of these mobs are soloable but there are a few powerful mobs and APCs inside that require a party. Ruins of Despair is a solo zone, while it is possible to party there, many of the mobs were designed to be soloed. There is a feature implemented in ROD, so that once a player hits a mob that mob is considered "theirs" and no other play may attack it unless a clan member or a party m
  15. Grand Opening 29/9/2015 18:00 GMT+2 Gracia Final Game Client Custom PvP Server 100% Uptime Awesome Features Active Staff Custom GM Events Latest Geodata added for a better Walkthrough Experience Custom Olympiad System Spawn Protection System Custom Enchant System Starting level 80 Nexus Event Engine Fully Working! Siege Event Engine Fully Working! 3 Custom farming Zones Custom Raid Bosses Website: Website is still under construction! Forum: http://l2ow.com/forum
  16. L2FortuneDays http://l2fortunedays.wix.com/home https://www.facebook.com/l2fortunedays/timeline?ref=page_internal L2FortuneDays is based on a Gracia Final client platform running full L2Pride Edited Source Pack .The team worked hard to solve all problems reworked all monsters , drops , skills Player vs Player balance 99% , Custom monsters , custom bosses , grand bosses , custom instances , custom drops check us. Beta Opening 26.08.2015 21:00 GMT +2 Grand Opening 26.09.2015 Experience * Xp: x5000 * Sp: x5000 * Party Xp: x1.3 * Party Sp: x1.3 * Adena: x100 * Starting Level 80
  17. Website L2Ae PvP is hosted on C6 Interlude client Rates: Starting level 85, Max Level 95 Global Gatekeeper! Item Store! Mysterious merchant! Password Changer! Enchant Engine Preview: Safe Enchant +5 Max Enchant +20 Buffer: All buffs 3 hours, death doesn't remove your buffs All buffs included on the buffer, except some which changed to costum If you want to get rid of a buff, just choose it again from the buffer and it will be removed Heal from buffer every 3 minutes, can't be used during pvp Economy: The server's economy is based on Golds and Glits, to
  18. From now you will start with Dynasty gear (+20) in your inventory & the drop rate will be boosted to x2 for the first week,also first 100 players will win 10 Event - Medals GRAND OPENING IS TOMORROW 16/12/2014 18:00 GMT+2 L2Outlaw Website L2Outlaw Forum Dav has developed a new form of AI that will allow mobs to behave more intelligently to make farming much more interesting. This also applies to APC's and Raid Bosses, which have some nasty skill combos. These mobs that have the appearance of real players adds a nice contrast to the usual humdrum of L2's mobs' appearances. Much
  19. L2Justified is a server alike L2Pride. With some more modifications. We tested almost everything and fixed every stat that was missing. Check the bottom of the post for our latest mods. BETA TILL 24-10 20:30 GMT+2 http://l2justified.org = Custom Mob AI = We have developed a new form of AI that will allow mobs to behave more intelligently to make farming much more interesting. This also applies to APC's and Raid Bosses, which have some nasty skill combos. = APC's = These mobs that have the appearance of real players adds a nice contrast to the usual humdrum of L2's mobs' app
  20. Interlude Server pack,Service like L2Pride c6! pm here ,msg, or skype : zerak0c.zer0
  21. Im looking for c6 interlude L2 Pride style. I know, most of them are piece of s****..... Just give me a link :D