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  1. Ah I see. I will upload the full package when I'm home
  2. Changelog: New main town: Rune. New event area: Giran Harbor. S80 area: Hellbound. Main area: Beast Farm. Solo area: Temple of Pilgrims (chaotic/disguised zone) Party zone: Beast Farm (chaotic zone) Battleground: Underground Olympiad. NPC: Added new monsters and APCs. - Desert Clan - Shadow Moon Clan - Bladewind Clan - Dragon Claw Clan - Solo Zone Monsters - Battleground Monsters - Clan Rep / EXP Party Monsters - APC's Items: - Added Epherium Rush for Epherium Weapon. - Increase your run speed for a small amount of time. - Changed the way of obtaining items on the main merchant. - Heart of Eva and Dest Coins drops off Desert Monsters. - Heart of Shilen and Dest Silver drops off Shadow Moon Monsters. - Heart of Einhasad, Heart of Gran Kain and Dest Gold drops off Dragon Claw Monsters. - Obsidian Parts and Raidboss Token drops off Solo Zone Area. Respawn time on monsters: - Monsters such as; Desert, Shadow Moon, Blade Wind and Dragon Claw has a 30-60 second respawn time. - Clan/Party Exp monsters has 30-120 second respawn time. - Solo Zone monsters have 30-60 second resapwn time. - Battleground monsters have a 5-10 minute respawn time. Instance Kamaloka now drops a Lucky L2Destruction Box L2Destruction Box has a chance to drop the following items: - Relics. - Mythic Cloaks. - Blessed Enchant Scrolls. - Legendary Enchant Scrolls. - Forbidden Enchant Scrolls. - Materials. - Adena. - Caradine's Letter. - And more! PvP Changes: - Added a PvP Shop. - Added a PvP Skill Manager. Increased the chance of getting Tokens, when killing players. - 75% for Rare PvP Token. - 50% for S80 PvP Token. - 25% for S84 PvP Token. Increased the chance of getting enchanted gear while killing players in PvP. - 10-15% for S Grade - Depended on the enchant. - 7-12% for S80 - Depended on the enchant. - 3-6% for S84 - Depended on the enchant. Castle and Fortress Reward: - When owning a castle or fortress, you get a 10% Discount on certain items, that are shown in the Clan Shop - When owning a castle or fortress, you will get a 5% Exp boost bonus. Other Changes: Added more pDef for Song of Earth.
  3. I can give you clan hall and clan rep like any other clan that shows up!! Items are easy to get. It took me about 1 and a half hour to get obsidian gear. But gear/farming isn't the main thing to do. It's the PvP stuff
  4. Server going live tomorrow 20.00 GMT +1 / 8PM GMT +1
  5. 1 day, But let's see. Minor errors in our Olympiad atm
  6. Hoepfully if everything goes as planned. On Friday
  7. We will do a wipe. The new changes are so good that people don't notice a wipe :P I mean I played for 1 hour and I had gear so what I was missing is pvp. But killing myself is bored. XD
  8. Haha, yeah we need to test it bro, and i havnt enjoyed lineage 2 for a long time, but this actually takes me back to when i used to play. I hate farming, but things are so damn easy that its enjoyable, lol.