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  1. Ah I see. I will upload the full package when I'm home
  2. Changelog: New main town: Rune. New event area: Giran Harbor. S80 area: Hellbound. Main area: Beast Farm. Solo area: Temple of Pilgrims (chaotic/disguised zone) Party zone: Beast Farm (chaotic zone) Battleground: Underground Olympiad. NPC: Added new monsters and APCs. - Desert Clan - Shadow Moon Clan - Bladewind Clan - Dragon Claw Clan - Solo Zone Monsters - Battleground Monsters - Clan Rep / EXP Party Monsters - APC's Items: - Added Epherium Rush for Epherium Weapon. - Increase your run speed for a small amount of time. - Changed the way of obtaining items on the main merchant. - Heart of
  3. I can give you clan hall and clan rep like any other clan that shows up!! Items are easy to get. It took me about 1 and a half hour to get obsidian gear. But gear/farming isn't the main thing to do. It's the PvP stuff
  4. Server going live tomorrow 20.00 GMT +1 / 8PM GMT +1
  5. 1 day, But let's see. Minor errors in our Olympiad atm
  6. Hoepfully if everything goes as planned. On Friday
  7. We will do a wipe. The new changes are so good that people don't notice a wipe :P I mean I played for 1 hour and I had gear so what I was missing is pvp. But killing myself is bored. XD
  8. Haha, yeah we need to test it bro, and i havnt enjoyed lineage 2 for a long time, but this actually takes me back to when i used to play. I hate farming, but things are so damn easy that its enjoyable, lol.
  9. Duo all our changes, we will do a 100% wipe. Since items are easier now people do not lose any time. We changed so much and even im enjoying it as a player atm :p
  10. anyone know if this one still works? Im not getting any errors, but it doesnt seem to work.
  11. I think we will do a poll about it because it's kinda unfair for the players who still play but then again it's not that many xD
  12. We will wipe Bro, but we are depending on a full wipe or keep the level, since there are still some players who play the real server and I respect them too that they shouldn't just know they wasted their time. Another featured we added is also a shop where you can buy all materials for items by just pvping and made enchanting through pvp higher. Rare 15% Heroic 12% Unique 10% Epic 8% Legendary 6% Obsidian 5% We also added solo pvp zone where you can't party and you are disguised. With mobs that drops materials needed for legendary / obsidian gear. So we are basically making
  13. Who said that enchants are easy, the way we set is, is everyone now have a option to not worry about farming for armor and weapon. But enchant rates has been set down because of the easy gear. So people would now maybe buy 10 items and enchant and keep the highest enchant, like old school l2. But items like accessories/jewerly/cloaks still have the same requirements. What we did was giving players an option play what they want to wear but the side effect is the higher tier the harder enchant. Getting a +16 epic is much easier than a +10 obsidian for example. We also added a new skill m
  14. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I think a successful server is a server where most of your time is spend on something you remembered from when you played lineage 2; and that's usually the pvp. I don't think many players are thinking like this "wow you remember when we farmed the 4 weeks for that weapon? Let's do it again!!" I think what players want to remember is "Omg it's a 9v9v9v9v9v9v9, epic pvp, awesome fights" and that's what we will try to get back. I mean claiming a castle ain't unique anymore because we all know a castle siege is all about who has the biggest zerg
  15. Well you don't really need to farm anymore for gear. Everything is set simply easy. I mean I think 1 or 2 hours of game and you have t6 gear. But what we did was rebalancing all tiers and gave tier 4 a unique skill. Added skills you can level with pvp tokens. Made all mobs soloable and if you want to get clan rep you need to be in a part because clan rep is clan related stuff and don't need to be solo. As I mentioned we looked at players perspective, and saw that players want less farm and more pvp so that's what we will be given them We increased the enchant on pvp compared to what
  16. How about you all join my server after reading doing a couple of stuff and show who is better than all this talking ?
  17. Borderick, that's what we are remaking, we are going to make it so everyone feels like winning and make the losing a smaller part. Dev, I know how primes are, but honestly they're one of the only clan left who still plays together as a team after years, and we have to respect that. Prime has been in the game for so long so they have their own opportunity, but you shouldn't blame 1 clan for an entire server fail. They're just a clan, with team play mentality after all. What you need to worry about is not prime but how to make the rest of the server happy, because as long their is act