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  1. I would have to disable my brain to download this shit.
  2. Hello guys, Server has done a lot of updating and is starting a new life at June 6th 21:00(GMT +02). Weapons now have 3levels.Each level improves weapon's special ability. New collective added - PvP Coin. You can get this by slaying your enemies in PvP and Farm zones. Use this item to upgrade your weapons For more news visit server's WEBSITE
  3. Yeah I forgot to remove party color,but shouldn't others see it?What is the point of it if you are the only one who can see it? + int orgColor; public void joinParty(L2Party party) { if (party != null) { _party = party; party.addPartyMember(this); } + orgColor = this.getAppearance().getNameColor(); + this.getAppearance().setNameColor(nameColor); } /** * Manage the Leave Party task of the L2PcInstance. */ public void leaveParty() { if (isInParty()) { _party.removePartyMember(this); _party = null; } + this.getAppearance().setNameColor(orgColor); }
  4. Try this: public void joinParty(L2Party party) { if (party != null) { _party = party; party.addPartyMember(this); + this.getAppearance().setNameColor(nameColor); } } L2PcInstance.java;line ~5269;aCis
  5. Also,what error does it throw?
  6. I believe it goes to 400% because you haven't edited client side. You could try something like that: // Calculate the difference of level between this attacker and the L2Attackable. final int levelDiff = attacker.getLevel() - getLevel(); final int[] expSp = calculateExpAndSp(levelDiff, damage, totalDamage); long exp = expSp[0]; int sp = expSp[1]; + if(attacker.getLevel() == 79) + exp /= 4; if (isChampion()) { exp *= Config.CHAMPION_REWARDS; sp *= Config.CHAMPION_REWARDS; } exp *= 1 - penalty; L2Attackable.java line ~595,a
  7. I need same effects,but just higher values.
  8. Yeah,I know that,but I need to edit a lot Skills.So isn't there any easier way?
  9. Hello guys, I want to create new items with upgraded special ability(Arcane Mace - Acumen LvL 2) What I want is to just multiply the value by 1.5.What's the easiest way to do it? Should I add new level to skill and give new values,or I just can add somewhere in Java if(item.getId()>5000) valueGotFromSkills * 1.5; I am using aCis. Thanks in advance.
  10. Does this kind of thing occur to only one certain npc,a certain type of npcs or all npcs?
  11. /> in <mul order="0x30" stat="runSpd" val="0.7"/> means that you are closing mul tag. </mul> also means that you are closing mul tag,you can't close the same tag twice! Try: <effect name="Buff" time="120" val="0" stackOrder="1" stackType="possession"> <mul order="0x30" stat="cAtk" val="1.2"> <using kind="Dual Fist" /> </mul> <mul order="0x30" stat="pAtk" val="1.2"> <using kind="Dual Fist" /> </mul> <mul order="0x30" stat="runSpd" val="0.7"/> </effect>