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  1. Thank you all :) I saw that 80% of the new servers are Interlude (on this forum at least). Am I correct? Or there are other chronicles too?
  2. Hey, Could someone tell me which are the most used server packs/chronicles nowadays? Free or paid. I'm thinking of creating something and I want to know which packs should it be compatible with. Thank you. Edit: I forgot to set the topic prefix to help :\
  3. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I last posted here. I was wondering if the L2J community/market is still active. In case anyone needs development services (basically anything java related), PM me your idea and we can talk about it. I accept PayPal. Regards, Rizel
  4. Just some random stuffs

  5. remove the 'skill', 'admincommand', and 'voiced' from the method names. now there's only registerHandler if I'm right
  6. I pmed him already but he didn't answer yet
  7. I just don't understand why would you try to convince ppl to buy this method from you for this cheap if you can make thousands with it.
  8. not these ones that's for sure :D oh look I just made 10000 euro with your method right now :O
  9. so you want to use the same server for L2, Aion, and WoW? interesting. I'm sure that I'll check this project later :)
  10. any news about this? I can't see my trade feedbacks either. btw is there any way to contact Maxtor without being a donator? I sent him a pm about a week ago and he didn't reply :\ but if a moderator can't contact him then what should I expect :D
  11. I don't get it :\ you mean on this forum or what?:D
  12. they are :D but not only koreans play it :) but they are the best indeed
  13. well if you want to play something that requires skill and thinking, you shouldn't play mobas in the first place. play starcraft 2 :P :D