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  1. Move my server plz Its Alive now :)
  2. Website: http://l2precious.fun Forum [EN]: http://l2precious.fun/forum Server Rates: Exp: 1000 Adena; Custom Safe enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +20 New Characters: All n ew characters are born at 40 level in ivory King Room. To help you on your journey, you are granted with 30 milion Adena Server Features: Max Sub classes 1 [ Free Subclass & Free profession ] Full Working Olymbiad [1 Week Cyrcle] Full Working Events [ CTF/TVT/DM/GVG +New Event Engine] Unique Instance for Party Farm [ Boosted Drops] Max Buff Slot 42 [ Buff Time 2h ] Max DeBuff Slot 8 Get Skill stuck from Subclass in Main class Killing Spree System 3 Tattoo Ties 2 Custom Weapons Ties 2 Custom Armor Ties PvP Reward [ 1 Fame PvP ] Hero Coin [ Get Hero Stus for 24h ] AntiFeed Dualbox [kills from dualbox will not increase pvp/pk points ] Clan Rep Coin [ Like 2000 Rep point ] Hero Skills System [ You can have your hero skills on subclass ] Anti-Buff Skill [ Blocks any kind of anti-buff skill ] PvP Zone [ Auto Flag on Enter ] More Info you can Read in game: Server Currency: Farm Coin , Clan Coin , PvP Fame , Vote Book , RB Token , Armor Piece , Armor Material , Armor Recipe , Adena , Ancient Adena Farm Zones: Solo Zone : Solo Zone Hard : Party Zone: Kamaloka Instance: R im Kamalok a, it's an instance zone, you can en ter the zone only o nce per 24 h. You can enter only with party. Have 4 Instance to Farm Monsters with Boosted Drops ,To enter the Instance you need to talk in Pathfinder Worker Server Npc's: Bosses: All the Grand bosses on Server work like the PTS (public Test Server L2OFF) with Full script Working. The Detail of Bosses droplist you can see it in NPC All the Raid Bosses are Inside of Pvp Zone [Auto Flag] GrandBosses: Valakas Respawn time 12h ±1 Antharas Respawn time 12h ±1 Bauim Respawn time 12h ±1 Frintezza Respawn time 12h ±1 Queen Ant Respawn time 8h ±1 Zaken Respawn time 8h ±1 Core Respawn time 8h ±1 Orfen Respawn time 8h ±1 Custom Armor Sets: Precious Cobalt Set Precious Cobalt Set PvP Precious Carmine Set Precious Carmine Set PvP Custom Weapon: Precious Cobalt Weapon Precious Cobalt Weapon PvP Precious Carmine Weapon Precious Carmine Weapon PvP Custom Tattoo: Tattoo of Ogre lvl 1-3 Tattoo of Monk Lvl 1-3 Tattoo of Magic Power Lvl 1-3 Tattoo of Witch Lvl 1-3 Join, invite your friends and begin new era of Lineage2 Interlude! Normal Scrolls: 75% Blessed Scrolls: 85% (if fail item return to 0) Crystal Scrolls: 95%(if fail item lose 3 enchant level) Raid Bosses: Augmentation: Top 15%, High 12% Barrakiel Respawn time 6h ±1(Nobless Raid boss) Icarous Sample 1 Respawn time 6h ±1 Queen Shyeed Respawn time 6h ±1 Cabrio Respawn time 6h ±1 Lilith Respawn time 6h ±1 Anakim Respawn time 6h ±1 Demon Kurikups Respawn time 6h ±1 Verfa Respawn time 6h ±1
  3. looking someone to exchange some paysafe card to my paypal account!!!
  4. like the title says i ask if someone have a kamael addon for the interlude client!!!
  5. in 2018 pay to play??? wtf dude you are Official server ?? i dont think it a good idea (personal opinion)