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  1. Contacted you through skype regarding your event engine Thank you
  2. Hey there! For instance, remember there is no pack that is ready to be used, you have to work on it. If you want a ready pack, you can go l2off (advext64) but you will need to pay $$$$ to get anything, literally. If you want java, which i always recommend as you can be creative and do anything, with no limits. There are packs that has good features, and some are shared(or leaked): L2fandc - L2jsunrise - l2scripts For me, i used l2jsunrise (Gold Version) It was good with minor problems, but there is a serious problem i faced regarding the geo-engine and players falling underground which caused me to close the server to change the files Then i changed to l2scripts, costed me +1000$ This is the worst decision i have ever ever ever made The files may seem stable and playable. However, what you would fix in 5 minutes in l2j, you will fix in 30 minutes in l2s, There source is so messy! Finally, i believed on l2jserver, but heard about l2jmobius, which is based on l2jserver and aCis, which makes it a promising project, in my opinion. The source is free and all information can be found in their forums https://l2jmobius.org/ My server is expected to launch very soon and my developer is comfortable with the source. But for sure, there will be problems, as i mentioned above, you will always need to work on your files.
  3. I ordered a rework for the olympiad system. It was late at night when i gave him the task. In the early morning, he gave me the files and asked to test, and he fixes any problem i faced. Trusted & Skilled & Fast
  4. MTJ


    I've just noticed he replayed to a person to solve a problem in java services I'm not sure what to expect from the forum I got scammed, i put the evidances. He lied (I had a comma for a week blah blah) Now, he is again providing services like nothing happened ... So, will not he banned from here?
  5. If you have any name, i will appreciate sharing it with me
  6. Yeah, unfortunately It will be worth it hopefully :) I'm ready to pay the $$$ for the fixes
  7. Hello, I am looking for a java developer for: 1. Fixing some scripts, mainly quests 2. Fixing some skills 3. Adding some features (It is L2jScripts Grand Crusade source) If any is interested: Discord: MTJ#2908 Skype: MTJ (yahya.malallah) Or just leave me a message here
  8. Hello buddy, 1. I haven't used l2jserver but i heard it is clean source Not sure about the bugs it contains 2. I have the premium l2jsunrise, i do not recommend it It has a serious geo-engine related bugs that resulted on my server failing 3. At the moment, i'm using l2scripts high five source, it is stable to be honest Yet, it has some bugs, but fixable. Also, all the developers i've hired has said that the source is so messy Some literally said it is the worst source they worked on But most importantly, players will have fun, which is the main goal, right? Anyway, remember to stay away from shared sources here, like l2ava and l2fandc < THE SHARED ONES I already used it in my live server once, and it was so so so bad, don't give it a chance If you like some of their features, you can just implement them to your source Finally, i advice you not to buy any source at all, i admit it, i wish i could back and use l2jserver from 0, and get it where i got my l2scritps source now, but it is too late now, and i'm stuck with it :( Good luck <3
  9. MTJ


    I don't think so, they closed the case after day 1 I will do that, i hope it works Thanks
  10. MTJ


    I have deposited the money from my credit card into skrill Then i sent him Is there a way to refund it?
  11. MTJ


    Yeah he was totally fine I did asked him for a refund on 21th April, you can see the picture The job i given him was to upgrade my high five soruce to grand crusade It was for a reasonable price for such a job, the 300$ was just a prepayment Also, i tried contacting skrill but it did not help
  12. MTJ


    Hello, Be careful working with the developer gvb website: https://gvbits.ru/ Skype Nickname: Vlad (gvb) Skype name: qfatalonp I asked him about 3 months ago to finish a job I gave him 1 month delay ( It is complicated job ) He asked for a pre-payment and i given him on 29th of Feb I've been contacting him since But, on 16th of March and later, he just disappeared 1- https://prnt.sc/sgh6nh 2- https://prnt.sc/sgh8pl Lastly: after 2 weeks of ignorance https://prnt.sc/sgha9m Payment proof: https://prnt.sc/sghbwc There is more but, yeah :( And i just found out that he has a -9 reputation in other forum
  13. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a client developer to make me a file that allows Arabic characters inside the game It is for Grand Crusade client. Now, i cannot write any Arabic characters at all For anyone interested, Skype: MTJ (yahya.malallah) Discord: MTJ#2908 Or you can just send me a message here :) Got the file, lock please
  14. mediafire, rapidshare, zipshare, dropbox There are many options