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  1. Updates: - Mobius Vote Reward System just added to our list - Acis vote Reward System added - L2j Vote Reward System added ** download it for FREE ** Login to your account panel and download for free Full Credits goes to * Invoke *
  2. Own a Lineage2 Server? Add it to https://l2network.eu/ and get 20 days Gold for FREE as a welcome to all L2Network's members! How to claim? ***Post the account name of your Server as a reply to this thread!*** L2Network.eu aims to Worldwide players so its an opportunity and a good chance to achieve it! Every admin that will add his website to our Toplist will have access to a very useful panel that will help him to manage easily his information for the server or edit and add extra things to the future. L2Network.eu is a list of Lineage2 Servers, server owners ask their players to vote to help increase the rank in our server list. By default, we sort our database of servers by Rating starts & vote count numbers, highest to lowest. New Features: We provide an extensive list of game clients to select from, and a huge userbase as well as many advertising options from free front page advertising with our UNUQUE bump system (which works once every 8 hours) to cheap VIP options which help smaller servers who want to advertise gain traction. WEBSITE: https://l2network.eu FAQ: https://l2network.eu/page/faq/ Register: https://l2network.eu/register/
  3. i think someone with knowledge easy can edit it for other project files...and yes we didnt code it, just we need people to test it
  4. Good evening MXCers i would like to Request from all of you to test our New vote reward system that works for mostly all l2p/f/s packs ( thanks to L2-Scripts , L2s-Guard Team for that ). Please for any bugs, problems inform us ! Download link here: You can find also our files on Control panel Toplist: https://l2network.eu/ Credits: L2-Scripts Regards, L2Network.EU & L2TopNetwork.com
  5. Here is a working 100% IL engine for Windows 10... (Vagrancy's post)
  6. I see - as i know The HWID Generate a unique Code for Every PC so why you cant verify this unique code ? just a question that's all now if you speak about the Total Votes count then yes you have right - But if you want for individual Vote system then the best way is the HWID
  7. There is no point to take IPs just to be sure if the voter voted or not...With a simple move (restart the routers) you can have any IP you want...Its waste of time Now with a good system you can Check the HWID - is the best way to check the voters
  8. My pleasure to do that...But the Reason you want the Personal IPs from every user? You know that we cant Publish personal Informations to no one!
  9. This is not True for My list tell me what is your server name? And as a Toplist we accept the servers maximum in 8 hours....sometimes it takes 10-20 min
  10. New Smart Widgets is here! Screenshot Generator for the Website...Unique Features only for The L2TopNetwork's Community!
  11. Hello community, The L2Network Team working to create some nice and smart widgets! We already created the online/offline widget that you can easy customize with colors & etc ( we are gonna change the default image )....!! So login to Your panel and give a try! we did not finished yet but help us to make it better More Widgets are coming
  12. UPDATE: - Added Flag Counter generator for your Website! Customize your web counter visitor ! features: overview, Live traffic, Today traffic, yesterday traffic, Details and more! ***Info*** For any bugs send us msg!