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  1. All these are good enough for x15 server rates, but something retail like 1 month olympiad will be more nice!! I wish you good luck and keep your words about all that you said (corruption, no paid clans) ppl want something old school and something stable not 1 week or 1 month. Wish you the best!
  2. he just make a topsite for lineage2 and he think that he take the god balls...
  3. one of the best h5 server is on the way good luck with your project!
  4. Lets play a serious server and clean gameplay, very good staff and very good server. Give u +1 good luck!
  5. Very nice server. Full of pvps all day, many people online that is very good. Wish you the best!!
  6. [GR] mprabo paidia gia ton kopo kai gia ton Server sas. Pragmatika einai ena poly kalo Project aksizei na meinei, gia osoys den mpikan aksizei na dokimasete.
  7. Im working on it to be one of the best gm servers.
  8. Let's see what is that Project... Good luck
  9. Hello and thanks for your interesting about server, I will check the commands and also the guys who will have all the commands will be me and HGM's
  10. Hello, one of my mind ideas is to open a GM server for give to any one the opportunity of having a game master access. Soon will be on and soon will be here with nice features. SERVER RATES ~ XP: X9999 SP: X9999 ENCHANT RATES ~ SAFE: 65535 MAX: 65535 NORMAL/BLESSED/CRYSTAL : 100% CUSTOM NPC ~ GM SHOP CUSTOM SHOP CUSTOM BUFFER WHEREHOUSE CUSTOM GATEKEEPER CUSTOM ITEMS ~ CUSTOM ARMORS : ERTHIA-DYNASTY-APELLA-EPIC-VESPER-MOIRAI-VESPER GOLD-VESPER RER AND MANY OTHER CUSTOM WEAP
  11. it is network , today no custom server open at 20:00 gmt+3 . Custom server is not announce when it opens. just see the website man
  12. 3 days left for one of the best no custom server to open the gates,me and some friends can't wait.. :)
  13. From another one successful opening of custom server let's see another one successful server as no custom, good luck, wishes the best. Let's see one stable project as L2Hellhound.