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  1. I don’t know, but for sure you will find many more problems ;)
  2. What is incomprehensible here ? error fixed. vote reward stopped when trying to reward phantom or offline trader
  3. Wake up!!! i perfectly understand what he said Your English is sucks, or you're just a liar. Your native Greek syntax sucks to. You have nothing to do and sit discussing everyone for everything. If you are so smart, show an example of how to write code correctly
  4. I think everything is clear from the title description ACIS DOWNLOAD Updated - 23.08.2019 19:10 Added - plug for phantoms (fake players) and offline shops L2JFrozen FREE DOWNLOAD Lucera 3 - Vote reward API for | source + extention DOWNLOAD
  5. Να σας σπαμάρω και εγώ λίγο με τον πόνο μου :Δ ψάχνουμε άτομα για συνεργασία στο κοματι προώθησης Βασική προυπόθεση : πάνω απόλα άνθρωπος ! καλή και άνετη επικινωνία στα αγγλικά για παραπάνω πληροφορίες
  6. Thank you! your words give us positive energy
  7. Ten years ago, the topzone made a (100%) copy of the hopzone. so you did it first hide in your mink and do not blame me fox
  8. First 10 registered servers will receive 50 EURO bonus for advertising - premium features How to register your server ? it's very simple just follow this steps: Register FREE account Register Activate e-mail Add your server Lineage2 | WoW | Mincraft | Aion | Mu | PW | RF | Other online game Add our vote code banner in your website In order to receive bonus you must add our vote code banner in your website The money that will be added to your account, you can use your choice at any time
  9. Hello maxcheaters ! I'm looking forward to having great time with you guys