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  1. hello how can extract grupe mesh from files map UNR. i try with umodel but is big pazle after extract mesh i try with unreal editor2 but crash . any help plz image url gif upload free upload screenshot very hard work . i want make transfer map to unreal engine4 . all my mesh is singl obj close edges no overlaps . if any know how to extract easier maps mesh from l2 plz help XD
  2. ever big fail server . i think stalone server is beter rly after this XD
  3. Smart guard dont use other Hwid Generation XD use online exploit guard :P lameguard cant see layers for this you can Spoff HWID without problem You cant Spoofing HWID this Systems l2 because you dont know :P try make open lineage as per to per :P firewall rules + " _-------_---_" and you see GOD
  4. is not from szakalaka me dont use entry.dll i have my software :) but i share entry.dll bcs dont want share my software :P look for gm shop items you need vote coins-fa ..... on l2stars no need to make vote. open Boxis 24/24 hours and you get free reward . l2legend same and more servers have auto reward system . on windows 7 64 bit with 20 boxes 90% cpu + per box ram 570-700mgb on windows 8.1 64 bit with 20 boxes 85% cpu + per box ram 480 - 700 mgb on windows 10 64 bit with 20 boxes 95% cpu + per box ram 640 - 890 mgb ON WINDOWS XP 64 BIT
  5. need firefox browser . useragent addon ip dynamic how to use 10 make vote in site 20 clean cookies 30 make restart router 40 change agent 50 goto 10 this you can use on servers l2 for getreward. if need real vote on banners with this guide you can repeat everything vote Project ! no one site can protect from this :P ___---__-__--_Loveplus_--___--____--- file have 218 diferent agent my :P if you want more agent you can create it easy ! useragentswitcher.xml
  6. I have my software baby :) no need to find. but dont want share Full and this is problem. in maxcheater have offer from users for 1k-1.5k euro about this software. :P
  7. soon i upload dll for smartguard multiboxes . for all servers
  8. https://mega.nz/#!5J0zjSLC!nfIu8mkzTdjK7MGnJ7_Ez6Ty4zoRfdR--qF7vbPxCYc copy in \lineage2\system work win 7 32 64 & win 8 32 64 if you have problem about any dll . download visual ++ R 2010 32 or 64 bit system from Microsoft site. HWID changer per Box Open . |This set only For L2Stars . how to work Open Client L2 and popup one black window With hwid's dont close is it Login and open next client . L2stars have Limit 10 Boxes. Only me open unlimited . ty all
  9. about software compatibility servers l2 ( inova-l2official+ all private servers) MultiBoxes unlimited recomend system XP 64 bit recomend hardware Rock age - gold age :P