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  1. this is your profesional awnser? and you wanna be admin ? you are trash its not about interlude its about curruption you pay the sames clans again and agian and in first week all leave you dont even get back your spent money
  2. why you open 4 servers in 2 mounths?
  3. celestine why you delete myy posts? l2 saga 4 servers in 2 mounths niceee xD xD fail fail fail
  4. you say greeks have 0iq but the best server in lineage 2 made by greeks
  5. all server in 1 place? dead server
  6. so you say you are alone and you dont have team, where you are going with out team my friend? ahahahhaha the rocks outside of my home laughing idiot xD
  7. fail admin will speak with other fail admin nice to see that xD
  8. stalone is profesional not like you skylord, you dont have money even for advertise ahahahahah you are trash i cant understand you get some good money from first mid how the fuck you lost all? and now you spamm in other server forums for your trash bugged server xD
  9. skylord the shit reached the sock xD xD
  10. you can downgrade from h5 l2ava or mythras pack easy its same files
  11. good luck with the project i will play with my cp mates