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  1. L2FOG HIGH FIVE 20X BETA SERVER OPEN 10.05.2019 18:00 GMT+2 LIVE SERVER OPEN 18.05.2019 18:00 GMT+2 WEBSITE: http://www.l2fog.com FACEBOOK PAGE: L2FoG SPECIAL FEATURES Forge of Gods quest (cloak,valakas,antharas,lindvior weapons) Gather the Flames Start lvl: 74 Location: Gods' Forge NPC GIRAN: Vulcan Type: Solo Rewards: Cloak and Weapons(Same stats mid weapons) Description: Vulcan is busy collecting flames in Giran. He'll give you a special reward if you defeat the monsters there and bring him Torch. To hunt in FOG you need a good party all 80+. It will be good to have Spectral Dancer who can make the party with silent move. Is good to have a tank and EE to make party recall just in case. 1. Speak to Vulcan in Giran. 2. Hunt the mobs in Forge of the Gods area and collect Torch 3. Come back to Vulcan when you are ready to recieve your reward HOW LOOK REWARD ITEMS FROM QUEST Forge of Gods zone Mobs in zone are harder and spoil vesper keys, vesper keys no spoil summoned mobs Lower Spot Upper Spot