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  1. Hello, im selling a char in L2Global. Full +22 char ( 20max for normal 22 for donators)..+22 all jewells, armor vesper foundation +22, weapon +22 with str+1 + passive duel might in same wep(donate)..full +30 skills, +10 olf shirt, +22 pvp skill atk belt, STR +1 talisman, 800fa, 90medals, active duel might on other weapon and more. Price is 15 euro..for more info reply here thanks..
  2. Hello.. Im searching if exist something for login 2 clients with different ip. For example if i try to login 2 clients when i try to open the 2nd client the 1st close alone. is possible to change the ip from 1 client?
  3. Καλησπερες..υπαρχει τροπος να ανοιξεις 2 client και να ειναι διαφορετικη η ip? συγκεκριμενα ο σερβερ αυτος εχει Ip Protection οποτε μολις ανοιγω το 2ο Παραθυρο μου κλεινει το αλλο. υπαρχει τροπος να μπω με αλλη Ip Απ το ενα client και με αλλη Ip ap to allo? δοκιμασα με Hotspot shield αλλα μου εχει την ιδια Ip και στα 2 client..
  4. Hello...lets explain..in my server i have some custom weapons. i wanna for example dual daggers looks like my custom dual daggers but with same stats,names skilsl etc.. Is possible to do that with client edit only?
  5. thats a good idea :) but what is more beauty? with icons like other npc's or with the + buttons
  6. im asking about style basically. is better with icons or better with gray buttons?
  7. Maybe this is more beauty?? Say the * doesnt exist :D
  8. Hmm..With text i have not ideas for make it beauty i think
  9. Opinions/Ideas accepted :D Server is freya not H5.. I have to say thanks to Strain for help me to adapt the background from h5 to freya
  10. Why u go from the hard way? Just download from link of i give you, change the ip with your local ip and all be happy
  11. try this system: http://apocalyps.eu/download/system.rar that works on me (windows 10 x64)
  12. dont try to use system from other clients. try to use h5 system <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- Externalhost here (Internet IP) or Localhost IP for local test --> <gameserver address="" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="ipconfig.xsd"> <!-- Localhost here --> <define subnet="" address="" /> <!-- Internalhosts here (LANs IPs) --> <define subnet="" address="" /> <define subnet="" address="" /> <define subnet
  13. Basically is client problem. Have not something to do with your server if the client doesnt run. Everything i think is from windows 10. My idea is to search in topzone-hopzone one h5 server with windows 10 system, download, change l2.ini with your local ip and try to run. The other way is to find Nwindow.dll file for windows 10(located in l2 system folder). (im not sure if that works i have listen this but i have not try it).
  14. if i try to decrypt and import to unreal, unreal got crash EDIT: Found other way...Can be locked Thanks for try to help SweeTs
  15. Hello, i wanna ask something..i want edit 1 file from L2UI_CT1.utx But i need to decrypt-edit-encrypt the file. Is not possible to make new icon on external utx file but in unreal editor i cant import all files together i can import only 15 20 icons and all icons are 1280. So when i try to import 20-20 i lose the lines and i go from zero again. Exist here any way for import all icons together for make the utx file with my edited icon inside? thanks :)