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  1. WTS gold eu server mograine horde side.Message me for info
  2. Wts hawkeye 54(and 74% xp bar)lvl official server giran.The character has only moon quest armor and elven bow(d grade).Also has 9.5mil in for info
  3. server seems promising,good balance between classes/items for what i have seen and read at discord,but the only thing missing its the farm and that is a huge factor for the server lifetime.
  4. The only one worth trying is aepvp with G.O. launch date about mid september with c6 gameplay but h5 interface that is kinda cool. check their site
  5. seems like l2aerogaming will open soon
  6. I think the server need more farm zones(harder),more items and more publicity!features are good
  7. lets see how many this server will gather,being the only c6-pride like server in this period of time
  8. still in "they dont know what to open h5 or c6".they have the best dev and server will open 2017 kappa
  9. imo if you want to play classic free go for,its the most populated server.l2red is new populated but dont know what will happen when several month pass or if classicclub go for 2.0patch