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  1. yeah, but here u get everywhere it, too much botters, admins dont care
  2. good server, but botters? botters everywhere :OOOOOO
  3. It's not mean that you pay you can botting. You get second chance but imho you get perma watching by admins that you are fair or not.
  4. for me this server is rly good, if you find insta pvp with mini event its good, but got some problems. There is too many useless thinks that you have to collect, also that goedata with wall-nukes/wall-hits and donate.
  5. still thinking about playing, at he or ps? :D
  6. i dont know really all things that are in classic or newest chronicles of l2, but thats true - i was see some parties hunting low rbs .
  7. i will trying it , i think, in few days, but now when i was check it after update i didnt see any newcomers.
  8. good idea, server need improvements like events, etc. you should try smth gifts for votes.
  9. How it's look on server before moving it to classic 2.0? How about online players, economy etc? There's expect any newcomers?
  10. there's a lot of pvp, but i see that hype from 1st day is over. balance isnt well, but not too bad. playable server. but some things should be changed.
  11. Good server start. Many players online and as i can see there will be a lot of fun, its first edition of this server and there will be many pvp. Few mistakes with mess of two different buffers (dont know why), didnt know how vote system works (i think there' two systems) and some goedatas mistakes. but anyway, good server.
  12. i didnt playing l2 since ages and for now as i see this server (ofc for me) looks like other one.