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  1. Hello, Lineage 2 Eola looking for senior developers to join our team Currently running 3 server in Asia And we're starting a new project in Europe. Requirements: Previews works. Couple of years of experience. Weekly updates and new features. Payment: Weekly payments with high standards. Contact : Skype eola@usa.com email f.deckards@gmail.com
  2. Wrote you a private message with the resellers topic. thank you
  3. we do inform our sellers for it on the compiled projects, and it's for security purposes in case of reselling, we never intended to hide it or we did hide it from any buyer what so ever. but the last time I checked reselling in this forum was a reason for the ban.
  4. I haven't bumped the topic for the last few months, and I stopped selling the files for a while. There is another imposter selling this files called ''Athena- projects'' Compiled packs that we've sold have a backdoor inside so make sure what you're purchasing from those imposters before giving out your money. This is the website they selling https://athena-project.eu/prebuilded-packs-ready-open-server/?utm_source=topzonel2server The topic is still active and we're reselling the files. Our only skype contact is : eola@usa.com Thank you
  5. Be aware of people trying to sell you ''Eola Source/Files'' There are imposters trying to sell this files, the buyers who already bought the files can't resell this files because they are bound. There is only 1 skype which u can contact me and it's: Eola@usa.com One of the imposters: https://prnt.sc/lis8di
  6. You can use the files any rates you wish, contact me for more information. Yes still on sale.
  7. Yeah, I did wrote the dude on Friday, '' Nice transfer, and the nice attempt of scam'', because with his words money should have come on Friday, no money came and he blocked me on facebook XD. However, that's a warning from my side, and let you know in this community to don't waste your time with him or get scammed.
  8. He said he paid extra 10 euro to make a ''direct'' transfer, but that's a lie, the dude it's an obvious scammer, Celestin also because it's a personal friend of mine, he was in the chat and read all the crap the guy was telling. However I did write here so other people do not get scammed by him, I'll let u know if I get to have an update.
  9. L2Crest Administrator, multiple tries to scam me on my sell topic of selling the Eola files He has been trying to scam me for the past 4 days, but he couldn't, he told me today he send the money into my bank account and that the money will come into my account in 1-2 days, and he demands the files. I did tell him he will not get any file before the money comes into my account so I can see them. He kept putting fake excuses and calling me a ''scammer'' I did make this topic here because I don't like people to waste my time. max cheater account: Crest - L2OFF