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  1. Thank you for your kind words, I have placed a link for our website. Subclass, Noblesse and Olympiad does not exist on this current version, we will prepare cycle update the client as much as our community wishes to upgrade it, can be up to 3.0 As for donations we will have Premium Account, Agathion's, Blessed Scroll of Resurrection, Accessories and services such as Clan Name, Gender, nothing over powered or something that might affect the gameplay. Beta is available, you can check for more information.
  2. During this dark times, many of us are in quarantine seeking for a long term project to spend unforgettable moments. If you enjoy vanilla, hardcore Lineage 2, start playing on the early version of Classic 1.5 on our new server Vanilla x3. Server - Vanilla Chronicle - Classic: Age of Splendor (1.5) Platform - L2OFF (PTS) EXP - X3 SP - X3 ADENA - X3 (Amount) DROP - X2 (Chance) SPOIL - X2 (Chance) FISHING - X2 QUEST - X2 (XP/Adena) RAID - X1 Maximum level - 75 Maximum grade - B grade Profession up to - 2nd class Available races - Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf New skills for various classes Provisional Clan Halls Provisional Clan halls, unlike permanent, are in fact instanced zones. You can get such a hall via lottery, and the period of ownership is limited. Orchid Hall Ellia Hall Laurel Hall Pendants Pendant is equipped into a special slot. A character can wear 1 pendant at a time. Auto Fishing Fishing is only available to characters level 20 or above. When your character enters any area where fishing is possible, then, if you have the proper equipment, a sign appears meaning you can start fishing. When your characters starts fishing, the sign changes. When you start, fishing will continue automatically until you have no lure or if you don't stop the process by pressing the sign again. Transformations Pirate - For 20 min, Max HP/MP +3%, P/M. Accuracy +1, P/M.Atk +2%, P./M. Def +2%, Atk. Spd. +3%, M. Critical Rate +10, Speed+3. Dark Assassin - For 20 min, Max HP/MP +5%, P./M. Accuracy +1, P./M. Atk +2%, P./M. Def +2%, Atk. Sped. +3%, M. Critical Rate +10, Speed+4. White Assassin - For 20 min, Max HP/MP +7%, P./M. Accuracy +2, P./M. Atk +3%, P./M. Def +3%, Atk. Sped. +5%, M. Critical Rate +20, Speed+5. Offline Shop and Fishing The ranking system is a rating of characters having the highest server level among all characters and the highest level among representatives of their race. For a place in the ranking, the character will receive buffs. The characters over Lv. 40 and 2nd class completed and occupy leading positions in the ranking are superimposed with buffs. Every day at 6:30, special buffs are applied according to the place in the rating. The top 3 characters that dominate the server based on the experience acquired will receive ornaments around their names as long as they keep their ranking. The voting system will reward all the players who will vote for us. Daily you can receive on your character blessing buff from NPC Sage. Voter Blessing - Bonus EXP/SP +12% and -50% chance of dropping items from inventory upon death. Notice: For full details of Classic 1.5 please feel free to download the PDF file attached below. Website:
  3. Thank you for your support and having common sense! To clarify for everyone again, all our projects will be running on L2OFF.
  4. No problem at all, thank you for fixing it!
  5. What do you find wrong with the title?
  6. Bloody warriors, MMOWAY.GG network is glad to announce the first international Bloody Classic Aden server is coming soon to the private scene. The bloody server is more battle-oriented. In addition to the original pleasures of Lineage 2, competition and fun has been strengthened through free combat. Character does not receive a penalty if he dies. This allows casual battle, and you can obtain a Bloody Coin, which is a bloody server-only item obtainable through PVP. New contents such as items, quests, as well as PVP rules have been improved. Interested players are invited to join our community and prepare for joining us on Open Beta which will take place soon. I hope you guys are excited as we are! Let there be blood! KEY FEATURES Client: Secret of the Empire [Bloody Classic] Server: L2OFF [PTS] Class Changer One click class change, no quest required. Global Teleport New teleportation window, no NPC required. Teleport anywhere, free of charge up to Level 40. Works only in peaceful zone. NPC Buffer & more... Buff duration increased. List of available buffs [Wind Walk, Might, Empower, Shield, Magic Barrier, Focus, Haste, Wild Magic, Acumen, Death Whisper, Decrease Weight] Stay tuned! To be continued... Visit us at: Best regards, MW Team