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  1. https://mmoway.com Over 1700 players online, server launched on 27th November.
  2. No, we do not have Kamael classes. It is classic 2.0 version, running on L2off platform.
  3. Dear friends, Happy Charming Holidays along your dears! During this winter season, we've come up with new ideas and features that are meant to bring more joy, fun and of course awesome experiences. Dynamic System & newcomers bonuses for all new characters that will be created from 26th of December Christmas Gathering Event - Do not miss it on 24th December, Giran Harbor. Reward: Holiday Christmas Sock Christmas Epic Sales: Up to ~30% Discounts for your purchases, only from 20th Dec ~ 1st Jan 2021. Christmas Snowball Event (read more) Best regards, mmo
  4. We would like to share with you our ordinary days on mmoway, a project which does not disrespect the community, a project which is valuing each player dedication and time spent on our server. Best regards, mmoway team
  5. Thank you Zacks! Appreciate you kind words.
  6. Dear community, The new updater has been successfully released. We recommend you to download it and start using it from now on - Our team is working everyday, doing daily updates, therefore, in order to keep users updater, this launcher is recommended to be downloaded by every member of our community! Download Download Best regards
  7. Thank you for your kind words @Scion.
  8. Dear players, It has never been easier to connect to our server! A lot of improvements were done during these months, everything we've done is perfectly optimized, but that's not all. We've implemented a chapter system which plans to extend for several weeks. Our team is aiming to provide constant updates and content modifications to supply our community with a pleasant gaming experience! We always recommend you before joining our server, to download the files from the links we provide, this way we ensure the user that he will not end up facing delicate situations where the game do
  9. Dear players, Open beta will be available at 16:00 GMT+0 (UK Time) On the following links you can download the client, patch and create your account in the exact same order. (which will be available also at grand opening) Client: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19FxzBkrz2GUJ68ot096CAab34iMSLwXk/view Patch: https://mega.nz/file/qnwmnQZI#RXCTKjRC1Sf4NvnGcz06c3BdIBOsy8Q-zXTrFA3fsWY https://ufile.io/8qy6a34n http://uploaded.net/file/zs5ff3uk Account Registration: https://account.mmoway.com/en/sign-up Best regards, Sun Tzu
  10. Hey, thank you for your kind words!
  11. Dear friends, We promised today to deliver the information regarding our OBT server and here it is! OBT will be available on 20th of November 2020 at 16:00 GMT+0. During the open beta tests, you'll be able to find our custom GM Shop, NPC Buffer and pretty much miscellaneous items to test everything you might need to test. The ending phase of our open beta test will be on 25th of November 2020 at 10:00 GMT+0, the decision to keep our open beta test server only for 5 days was taken by our team because we want you to focus these 5 days testing everything possible, we talk about game me
  12. Hello, we place that on our site for obvious reasons. The community that played on MMOWAY before knows that we are using L2OFF. We also invite you to test it, soon we will launch our beta test and we will be glad to provide the live proof.
  13. Dear friends, Today we have a great news that we will be glad to share with you... A new chapter will begin on mmoway.com! Our team has prepared to you Charm x4, a unique project based on Classic 2.0 Saviors patch running on L2OFF Platform. Let's briefly review the basic information that all players should know: Server Rates Chance Amount Experience/SP - x4 Adena - x3 Drop/Spoil x1 x2 Quest - x2