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  1. Celestine always best shares!! Thank You!
  2. The AI FARM BOT goes crazy some times. Target mobs in very long range and not the Nearest..(its same like command /target "mob name")
  3. I have the same issue. Also i cant put Auto assists :/ , when i put main assister after some seconds goes Null again... I got error when i use right click on BOA for auto use.
  4. I have problem with Dualbox, i got all time DC when i log in with second char.
  5. Its hard to change the "FallensAngels QQ" to a friendly "Menu" or "Options" ? ? :D
  6. What do you mean ? :D I was playing on La2dream and all were working fine, I put 2-3 skills for Auto attack and all skills worked. After that i joined in some others and nothing, only 1 skill work from 5
  7. I joined in 2-3 servers and the Auto Skill system did not work . Only the first skill from the skill bar works (from the 5 skills bar).
  8. This patch spam all time Iordanov Interface and this delete Chat history every time....
  9. Wait until L2Elixir will open (29th June) Website L2elixir.com
  10. Looking for Interlude pvp server with Custom Items