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  1. I'ts base64, the default. "PasswordHashType": "Default", I've tried to debug the code, on login, the password verification, runs this method: public static string ToL2Password(this string str) { if (Startup.Configuration.GetValue<string>("TargetServerType") == "L2OFF") { if (Startup.Configuration.GetValue<string>("PasswordHashType") == "Default") { return L2OffCrypto.EncryptLegacyL2Password(str); } else {
  2. I'm not at home now, but I think i left it as default. Where can I confirm it ? Im getting error 501 Invalid Password.
  3. Did anyone had problems with the change password part? I'm getting always "Invalid Password", even if I input the correct password. I got a feeling that the function isn't comunicating with the API/database. I'm using it with Acis. If anyone got some hints I let me know ;) Thanks
  4. Can anyone give me hint here. Everything works fine, except the registration. I'm getting unsuccessfull registration, don't know why. Any hints?
  5. Your having permission errors, see if the user running the program has enought privileges.
  6. Hi again lol. After getting it to work on windows, I embarqued on a new journey, trying to get it to work on linux! And it hasn't been easy. Anyone here who has this platform, the website part, working with linux? I could use some barinstorming or advices on what to use. And before you start posting links, I've already fallowed the one Elfocrash left from Microsoft on running .NET core project on apache
  7. It was remote connection, but I've already given up the idea of running l2off :/ l2j is so much simple and organized. Thanks for the reply ;)
  8. Wrong NAS propertie at firewall. problem solved. Close plz
  9. is this inside Eclipse or on the operative system java folder? Answer: This must go inside the cliente that's running the ASP.net Got it working. It now seems so simple -.-' Sorry about beeing a pane in the ass for some.
  10. I've been tryin to get this L2ACP system to work on my server, but without any luck of working. I've compiled the projects, edited and corrected the api for Acis, published the web app, but my server for some unkown reasonit doesnt responde to the requests made from the web app. I've checked port 8000 on my server firewall and was open, tryed with DMZ, and still with no luck. I believe something is wrong, but don't know why, the api was properly corrected, server is running without errors, but the web app doesnt comunicate with the port 8000 on the server. HELP :) thanks
  11. When I run the gameserver with the API in it, and test the port 8000 to see if the application is listening, the report says it doesnt. dumb question: Does the website app needs to be on the same machine as the gameserver to be able to run the website application? Problem solved, wrong number on NAS route. my bad....
  12. So the connection is made to the port 8000, to the api correct? I have my website in a differente server than my gameserver. However I'm not beeing able to get a connection to the api on the gameserver, port 8000 is open, I've even tryed with DMZ on. Is there anything we need to do on the API ? and yes, before you question the obvious, I'm not using, im using it with my gameserver ip. http://gameserver_ip_here:8000/api Problem solved
  13. Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble connecting to my server. I've configured the server files like 3 times already from nothing, and I always end up with either stuck on server selection or with a disconnect message, or a Access Failed message. I've done a lot of work with L2j, but L2OFF is an entire new world for me... If anyone could help m I would appreciate it. thx ;)
  14. I've already noticed that a long time... And in my previews reply I questioned that same point, and I left an example on how I think it should be in case of an l2j mysql connection. Should it look like this ? I couldn't connect either, so answers like your just beeing redundante don't help much, confirmation on the other hand help, like yes, or no, try it this way. So I'll ask again, should it be like this? connectionString_lin2world="Data Source=localhost;port=3306;Initial Catalog=SampleDB;User Id=mudassar;password=pass@123" connectionString_lin2db="Data Source=localhost;