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  1. Hello, I'm having problems with the interface, after a certain period of play, for about 20 minutes the game closed and the following message, I did everything I should do, but still giving the same error, with another interface not the error occurs, does anyone know which file is giving this error?
  2. Olá, estou tendo problemas com a interface, depois de um certo período de jogo, por cerca de 20 minutos o jogo fecha e a seguinte mensagem, eu fiz tudo o que eu deveria fazer, mas ainda dando o mesmo erro, com outra interface não ocorre o erro, alguém sabe qual arquivo está dando esse erro?
  3. @Celestine have you like the old assist in the interface? please!!
  4. Celestine this interface turns to the members of the community?
  5. I can not use my systemmsg-e in this interface, can anyone help me? http://prntscr.com/kz52yo
  6. @Celestine automatic assistance is still bugged and AI continues to give critical error :/
  7. @Celestine the auto-assist is not working, and the SkillAI when it activates 2 skill in the toogle when we teleport of the critical error, only those 2 bugs the perfect rest is.