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  1. I can not use my systemmsg-e in this interface, can anyone help me? http://prntscr.com/kz52yo
  2. @Celestine automatic assistance is still bugged and AI continues to give critical error :/
  3. @Celestine the auto-assist is not working, and the SkillAI when it activates 2 skill in the toogle when we teleport of the critical error, only those 2 bugs the perfect rest is.
  4. @Iordanov my sysmsg in this interface is useless because it does not let my stuff appear on the screen, any solution?
  5. @Celestine the interface is very good, the only problem is that, it is very perfect and beautiful, and a work worthy of recognition
  6. @Celestineautomatic assistance of the interface is bugged, is leaving the target of the MA
  7. @Celestine is it possible to reset the old auto-watch?
  8. @Celestine I'm having a few problems with the interface recently, and I've uploaded some photos about the problems, when I activate the skills in toogle only 1 skill works and the other one becomes unusable but it stays in toogle. http://prntscr.com/klfxhv and when I teleport or hill it happens and I use all the files that came inside the interface the way I downloaded it I'm using it because I have no experience with xdat.
  9. @Celestine how do I leave the macro of this interface with zero delay? why the macro of this interface has a delay between 1.5 2sg