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  1. FREE Premium Account for Newbie Players! HALLOWEEN EVENT Double EXP! Double DROP! Last Chance For GOOD START Website: http://l2emi.eu/
  2. Reward for Clans: Clan with 15ppl - 5 Clan lvl for free Clan with 20ppl - 5 Clan lvl and 20kCRP Clan with 30+ppl - 8 Clan lvl and 15k CRP
  3. Hello! Beta Test server closed, all characters and accounts will be deleted! You can now Create New Account: http://account.l2emi.eu/ All functions of the account panel was enabled!
  4. Last Beta Stage. All new characters have 80lvl and: -100k Weapon Fragments -100k Armor Fragments -100k Jewelry Fragments -10k Donation Coins -Caradine Letter 75 (noblesse) -300 3rd Class Mark -Premium Buffer Access -2kkk Adena -200kk Ancient Adena
  5. New presentation L2 Emi v2.0 We start the second edition! Server Files have been heavily modified, bug fixes have been fixed and we have upgraded Geoengine so that we have removed many bugs with the geodata. We changed the principle of Premium, we also introduced some useful functions like MENU, where you can change password without going to the page, enable or disable automatic CP / HP / MP, Block Buff and many more. According to the voting results, the settings are as follows: Open Beta: 16.10.2017 20:00 GMT+2 Start: 27.10.2017 20:00 GMT+2 Starting Event: 1. Each cla
  6. L2Emi v2.0 We opened poll about server features! http://l2emi.eu/poll/ Poll will be end 09.10.2017 at 20:00 GMT+2
  7. Because we received a lot of Petitions in the game, Private Messages on Facebook, and all forums with questions "when the next edition" and "when wipe" where people justified their questions with the words "because now we do not have a session now," we decided to create a vote on Reopeninug Server in the form L2Emi v2.0. In truth, the first edition is in fact beta, which has allowed us to find a much number of shortcomings and bugs - which of course have been fixed. Thanks to this edition of Emi v2.0 will be about the sky better :) That's how much I left a link to the poll, of course, I woul
  8. Lol. I dont know wheare You play, but not here. We have sguard protection, i have logs with autobans... i checking all spots all the time and i dont see any bot.... So go tell those fables somewhere else, or give evidence to bots works. Normal players played all night and did not report any major problems. All reported bugs are fixed fast.
  9. lol... This beautiful and logical statement
  10. Hello! Beta Server has been closed! All Accounts and characters have been deleted! Soon we will upload the official patch that will be needed to connect to the LIVE server. Registration of new accounts has been launched! ( http://l2emi.eu/ACP/ ) We encourage you to register accounts early to avoid overloading server on start day!
  11. Set account lvl to 1. I have problem with paypal, when i try make donate i can pay normaly but i dont recive "virtual moneys" when payment is done. Anyone have this problem?
  12. Hello! Tomorrow (7.08.2017) at 20:00 we implement Beta Stage 2. All new characters recive: -80lvl -1kk Weappn, Armor, Jewelry Fragments. -400 3rd class mark -2kkk adena -1kkk Ancient Adena Now we want test class balance, and all skills. Aditional we add bot protection. Please remember to download a new patch! Patch will be available to download 15-20min before open beta stage 2, without this patch You cant log in