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L2Hayze Reborn


Dear Lineage II Players,



Recently L2Hayze closed because our new project Kemosa (A continuation of Hayze but on the Infinite Odyssey client) was about to open. However after opening Kemosa and having many issues found by testers and players, we decided that it wasn't fair to our player community to close the server they were already enjoying when the continuation to that project wasn't fully ready and running smoothly. So we have decided to do two things.


1) Hayze and Kemosa will remain separate projects not forcing anyone to upgrade to the next server. Both will remain online permanently, no closes.


2) Kemosa Infinite Odyssey will go into beta mode where it will be online/offline and under construction with the help of some dedicated testers. It is expected to open officially sometime in September.


So as a result, Hayze is now back online after a full wipe.


New features coming from the Kemosa IO project, such as the war system, raffle system and upgraded event engine have already been implemented.


The server is already online, all you need to do is have the gracia final chronicle and download the Hayze auto updater. Which can be found on L2Hayze.net under the downloads section.


You can read more information about the re-launch on the forums.


If you need assistance you can always contact L2Hayze on Skype.


Server Features

L2Hayze is a gracia final server, based on L2Pride. It has been reworked and updated to provide the best game play ever with continuous development. If you loved playing on L2Pride well this server is made for you.


Wondrous Cubic




The Wondrous Cubic is an all in one item that offers basic functions such as a Global Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Skill Enchantment, Augmentation, Symbol Maker, and Class Upgrades. The Cubic also provides some more advanced features like an In-Game Password Changer, and allows you to view player detailed stats.


Community Board




The community board presents useful commands that can be used in-game, as well as a region viewer and online count. The event system also displays on the community board to show you how much time remains before the next event, as well as while the event is running it displays the statistics of the event.


PvP Towns







Orc Village is a newbie PvP zone, where only particular items (s80 and below) can be used. Gludin is the event center as well as the main PvP town, where there are no item restrictions.


Custom Shops


GkYGllE.png   2M7MEXv.png   p7JGWRE.png   PVQ5mbS.png


The above pictured NPC's are the shops that can sell you a variety of items, from materials needed to craft armors/weapons to new skills and more.


Custom Items


3H34ASY.png  Vv3UlD9.png  t7cPQJA.png


While maintaining the same options and wide range of items as on Pride, Hayze introduces new bracelets/cloaks and more and balances previous items giving players the best custom gameplay around.


Farming Zones


66cz5oK.png     6JZA3Vz.png




Hayze has the three common farm zones from L2Pride, along with a new zone (Ruins of Agony). Cave of Trials is the starting zone, Ruins of Despair is the medium farm zone, and The Cemetery is the farm zone most suited for party players and advanced groups. It features some new mobs which can only be killed effectively with vesper weapons. Ruins of Agony (not pictured) is a based on new mobs that are needed to farm for Rykros and more.



Raid Bosses


There are many customized Raid Bosses with improved AI's that will give you a much more difficult time than your average raid. They also use an array of skills and debuffs that increase their difficulty to give you a unique raiding experience. Raid bosses have variable respawn times which makes them hard to camp, and very hard to kill, but worth it to try since they have some nice drops, so make your parties and hunt them all. Some raid bosses depending on their level and strength will flag the surrounding players at different intervals.


Donation NPC




The donation NPC is a fully automated system that provides in-game services to those who wish to support the server via donating. Most items, skills and services available here are also available to all players in-game. The donation NPC can be reached via teleportation using the Wondrous Cubic, and is available to any player. Donations are processed using PayPal and once confirmed are entered into the donation system in-game for retrieval. More information on how to use the donation NPC and how to donate can be found in the donate section of the forums.



Edited by Kemosa
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Can u post a link for Gracia Final Client on ur website , upload a rar with ur system folder too because u will get denied from hopzone,topzone with just updater.
Also i am using windows 10 i hope ur files support my OS.
Your site need some fixes ..
1st of all you cant view the features you need to register on forum.
2nd at connect page the infinity odyssey server is displayed first , i dont think it's a good because this server is off.

Edited by ๖ۣۜinfamousbytes๖ۣ
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Hayze will be completely wiped and start fresh on July 13th 2016. Hope to see you there.




So in fact you are telling people that you took their money from op donations, closed the server because of that and then you tried to open a second project which failed since grand opening because of 20 people online and now you come here to open back your "hayze" because you miss the donation money. I'm laughing at you

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Hmm I don't see how that makes sense since all donations are refunded. But ok, thanks for the bump on the topic.


So people must know that if they join you they will play on a donators refunded server. That's coool 




You bumped your topic right before me so it's ok. 

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I appreciate all bumps on the topic, and yes unlike many servers where you completely waste your time, Hayze provided and continues to provide the best pride-like experience to-date. Due to many issues during the life of Hayze contributed to the eventual close, it was well on it's way to reaching 1k+ players. And it will again. Hope to see you there. 

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he didnt wipe any items of the server

tho everyone is with op items and no newbies

newbies cant do anything

and it seems like he dont care for newbies

Edited by Lightway
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