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  1. ye nough said gtfo to your trash server
  2. and who said i wanna play on your servers? you are corrupted as fuck anyway you say for changes while all your "pridepack" are same
  3. like your servers were any better atleast ovc is superior compared to yours
  4. Sph char with 1300 pvps +7 Daimon crystal wynn lvl 10 Dc robe blooded +6/3/3/3 +3 b neck/b earring +3/majestic earring +3/majestic ring +3/+5 cloak of cold darkness rag belt bracelet of duty lvl 4 talisman of insolence v 5k adena and more things averia club card wit +4/men-3 x3 dyes trust lvl 3 pvp attack 6 lvl pvp defense 4 lvl will updated if new items are added
  5. worst server ever made unbalance is real,archer hitting 1.5k while a mage is hitting 4k online is like 10vs5 on maps
  6. Atleast his servers are successful not like yours
  7. did he told you not to be so stupid? cause you are really stupid
  8. 3 weeks is more than your 1 week serbidor
  9. better to play on crabbed with 1 ppl on than your shit server gtfo now and go inside to your cave
  10. play on your server again? hehe we wont do that mistake again