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  1. Καλά εσύ Χελειδωνάκη είσαι το μεγαλύτερο ζώο απ'όλα μαζί οπότε βούλωστο και tryhard να κλέψεις καμιά 10ρα paysafe. Failia
  2. This is the worst forum of maxcheaters edition since 2007
  3. This server is still on reviews 2 years is in that section wtf is going on ? WTF//...
  4. Πως φαίνεται που δεν ξέρεις να παίζεις sps
  5. On your previous posts you wrote "failed before even open" and now you care about the infos. Nice joke you are
  6. A successful server should make money regarding or not if this is an owner's target. Even if a server is not created to earn money, a successful one should earn thousands regardless what it has been built. Got it ?
  7. Because you preferred lieing rather than telling straight the truth. You don't care as I said for the forum or whatever you care only for yourself.
  8. Sharing the program is actual a share and will make others start ripping as well and sharing. Your statement is invalid. Just say clear that you don't want to help the forum but yourself.
  9. Better tell us the program that you use and we do it ourselves
  10. But i guess that's why the 3/4 of primes didn't play it.