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  1. Until he wont ... but hey who cares? Enjoy the 2 week garbage servers,at least they get paid from "donations" which happen to be bigger donation -> better item ,which is the definition of buying in this case. Hopefully one day,this forum will start promoting developers and not trash greedy kiddos.
  2. OP should be banned on sight. Sharing other's work is disgusting.
  3. Paying a developer to fix stuff or even create is somewhat irrelevant because the vast majority of the servers are dogshit nowadays.So the competition is based on concept of the server and the advertisement.How much you will pay ($/$ per donation of clan member or items) several leaders to join your server? So,its all about having a pack or not. Most of the servers wipe and reopen using the exact same pack with some tweaking. Dont delay,get your free "trance's pack" today.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y095CDA7J4c#t=0m23s
  5. nob system with crown rbs : check exp 4 times to finish your char : check refine armor : check x75 : check admin hides his identity with random nickname : check ( =DEVELOPER= ) gold inside server's name : check It must be L2Gold server!
  6. Thats what they do with shared files since 2004
  7. At least NSFW ads are gone ... for now. Be thankful for that