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  1. Every (server's) admin should have a profile-history with his previous work. Hiding behind new nicknames is just disgusting. Why would you feel ashamed, as an admin/developer, to show your previous work (or even github)? People should support those who work hard enough to make a name for themselves. These people have done so much damage to the community and the game itself ...
  2. I m surprised with your take on this ... You should know better ... A few years ago you decided to share your L2Gold pack because people were selling it in the black market. The result? Random people without any (programming) knowledge were opening servers in order to milk theL2Gold trademark.How much on average those servers last with this mess?The original server itself was stable until 2013 when it actually closed without any announcement.The donations weren't the problem.People were "loyal" to that server.Can you really blame all these people for quitting later on when every single one of the servers (later on) closed after 3-4 months (which became 1-2 months)? This argument, about toxic players who quit, is so funny to me like people weren't playing a server or two for years until 2012. Its stupid to expect people to farm over and over again for the same items in the same server after a wipe.The whole trust between admins and players is gone and its not player's fault that people were given shared packs and tools in order to ruin further the legit developers. Wannabe "admins" got tools and packs in their hands which they shouldn't have in the first place.In order to make this work, these people had to be either skilled either have cash to pay for developers.Guess what happened... Anyway,Things should have been handled differently because sites/forums (like this one) gave all these people the tools to milk players with minimum effort which means damaging legit developers/admins. It would be nice to have a discussion in a "ground" that I/we can open up "freely".Lmk
  3. Your points dont make sense because the arguments are based on the fact that its 2010 with 2010 standards but its not. The vast majority who play this game have being playing for long enough to make their own comparisons. L2 was good enough back then to invest time and grind in the stable (with 2010 standards) servers but guess what... Now its 2019. Its so stupid to repeat the same 2 arguments over and over again and trust me noone wants a "fresh start".The "fresh start" is the concept that l2 admins figured out in order to get money.As i said,if it wasnt profitable enough ,they wouldnt reopen.They dont open their servers because they want to contribute.Its all about money.People keep donating for the exact same items every time. I really love the fact that you wrote just 1 sentence for the corruption part ,which you ended up blaming the players but let me ask you this: If someone offered you money to play a game which you will play anyway ,would you accept it or not? Also you didnt mention that AN ADMIN offered the money in order to get people from another server which guess what ... it has an ADMIN.The admins just pay people in order to get clans from one another.Thats what you do is to blame players instead of admins.Thats how you actually ruin decent servers tbh. If you want to blame someone,blame the admins and not the players.Players have invested years in the same servers. The only things that have changed are : The age of the players,who wont spend their whole lives playing the same server and the admins.Thats what you do is to blame the players instead of blaming the admins who didnt make any adaption. You straight up blamed the players for not playing 2010-2012 packs because "you played those packs back then and now you are the one to blame". I wont keep arguing and wont quote again its pointless as i mentioned in the first post.A lot of people are disconnected from the reality but hey thats how a lot of people make money until they wont. P.S Instead of blaming the players or the competition (other games based on 2019 standards),blame the terrible product which makes no adaptions to be better.
  4. Global mod who quotes 2 times the same person in 2 different posts I dont expect a non biased opinion from someone who is in the biased side of admins but anyway i will give this a try: Your arguments in those 2 posts were 1)Our packs were buggy back in the day (2010) and you liked them.Why you dont like them now ,after 10 years? 2) People reaching "max" (what does that even mean?) and then quit in order to play from 0,so admin has to wipe reopen So let me explain why those 2 points are annoying at best: 1)Its 2019 going to 2020.There are numerous games to play which vary in quality but the options are better nowadays.Just pick up several games from 2010 and several games now.The quality ("graphics") are better.There are better options right now ,even if you consider the market as flooded with MTX in order to make "games as a service" and not a product. Why would you expect people to spend like 60 hours in a server which will get wiped like 99% of the time?That doesnt make sense.In 60 hours you can play and finish most of the AAA videogames. Your point doesnt make sense to me because the L2 community is flooded with wannabe developers who use the exact same pack which is played more than 123 times.When enough is enough?The progression of this game is minimal and the fact that admins just open a shared pack is not punishable in any community is catastrophic for those who actually try to create a more stable server because the number of the servers which open-reopen are way to many. I really dont understand how a human being with more than 80IQ can say that "You guys played in 2010 a buggy pack-videogame which was in fashion but now ,10 years later,you dont.Why?" Its not about addiction.Its about appealing and the game is not in fashion anymore.People who used to play this game grew up.Admins didnt make any adaption so guess what ... 2)What does max even mean? In every server you have to exp characters in order to PvP with the characters you like.Grinding is the main concept of every single server.It doesnt make sense to leave a server after that grinding and all those hours of exping but guess what : Its 2019. Admins open the donations in the 3rd day and new servers pay clan leader to pull them into their server.You havent heard that i guess or any other shady deals (% of clan member donation),dont you? Besides,reopening the exact same server with the exact same concept but minimal tweaks will change the situation right? The fact that admins add donations in the first week even in low rate servers make your argument at least idiotic. In other words,you expect from people to play the same 5-10yold packs with tweaks because people had fan 10y ago when the game was in fashion like every MMO.People just play some PvP and move on in the next server because there is no trust anymore between the community and the admins just because there are way too many servers with way too many shaddy deals.If it wasnt profitable for the admins to wipe reopen,you wouldnt see so many servers doing it,which means it works for them until it doesnt because the community grows up and the community decreases every year. Both of your posts shows how much disconnected admins/developers are from reality. Hopefully you were trolling with the "why dont you play the same buggy staff for 1289312 time like 10 years ago".
  5. You cant stop people from opening borderline garbage (shared buggy pack) servers in order to cashout in 3 weeks. If you want to blame people who leave after 2-3 weeks,then you have to explain how exactly someone has to play in a shared pack more than 3 weeks and why its worth to spend more than 60+ hours in order to make decent gear. If its not the admins,then why donations open in the 3 days (week tops)? If its not the admins,then why they pay clans and clan leaders with % of the donations (clan members) with shady deals? (Reminder: 60+ hours grinding.You can complete a AAA videogame,or play 60-70 games of LoL in the same amount without being wiped.) Why would you start farming over and over again in order to get the exact same items after the 20th wipe? Botting is like "cheating" in order to skip the antifun part of the game and pvp with "decent" gear.Its not like there werent 5-10y old servers.Dont blame the community for something that "l2 admins" brought.You cant wipe 20 times and expect from people to take your server seriously.
  6. There are people who (are allowed) advertise their antibots in this forum."Maxcheaters" btw. Sharing does more harm than good right now.Noone is willing to use shares in order to create new stuff (extend or use the idea for something new).Leechers will just add it to their shared packs in order to create a 2 week server or just scam wannabe developers.There is a need for purge but noone is willing to even discuss it because short term profit is good enough (until its not). The site has lost its purpose thats all.
  7. Discussions like this one are pointless for several reasons. The first discussion should be about the parasite servers and how exactly forums like this one will promote skilled developers/admins. Nowadays servers last for like 3 weeks with borderline "decent" files and no changes before reopening.People know that the server wont exist after that point. Why would you grind in a server like this one? Do you have Stockholm syndrome?
  8. Until he wont ... but hey who cares? Enjoy the 2 week garbage servers,at least they get paid from "donations" which happen to be bigger donation -> better item ,which is the definition of buying in this case. Hopefully one day,this forum will start promoting developers and not trash greedy kiddos.
  9. OP should be banned on sight. Sharing other's work is disgusting.
  10. Paying a developer to fix stuff or even create is somewhat irrelevant because the vast majority of the servers are dogshit nowadays.So the competition is based on concept of the server and the advertisement.How much you will pay ($/$ per donation of clan member or items) several leaders to join your server? So,its all about having a pack or not. Most of the servers wipe and reopen using the exact same pack with some tweaking. Dont delay,get your free "trance's pack" today.
  11. nob system with crown rbs : check exp 4 times to finish your char : check refine armor : check x75 : check admin hides his identity with random nickname : check ( =DEVELOPER= ) gold inside server's name : check It must be L2Gold server!
  12. Thats what they do with shared files since 2004