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  1. They are opening Pandora to after 2 weeks :)
  2. Hello, i`m offering Discord private message advertise. If you want to send mass private messages with your advertise text contact me.
  3. Hello Elfocrash do you know solution how i can fix this problem?
  4. Hello thanks for help, maybe you know where i can buy that proxy?
  5. Hello thanks for help, maby you know where i can buy that proxy?
  6. Hello, dedicated server located in Germany. Latin America players have delay 200-300 ms. Is there any why to fix this problem for them? (I know that there is programs like Battleping and others, but i want to fix delay from server side).
  7. Just create new directory /root/login/log/ and add there clean stdout.log file.
  8. I made screen shot, and i will put this screen shot at next l2mid server start. When you will lick skylordska ass, and write in his topic: top serber eune.
  9. Why you come to this server every time if you know that after 1 week this server will be empty? They pay you every time to join this server?
  10. Server again dead after 1 week. LOL
  11. As i said that there was no chances to start that server.
  12. Beyond will take down this server. Giran.Online don`t have any chances to start this server.
  13. You saw that there was no interest in your project. Its because you wipe your server every month.