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  1. where are ertheia graphics?
  2. Bot request for L2Lionna Classic x15 Is there any bot working in that server? l2tower or adrenaline?
  3. last commit in 2016 for a game from 2006, even if last commit was in 2015 source still good
  4. Has anyone implemented this code in l2jfrozen source?
  5. l2aaron files with changed name
  6. I asked in forum if that "Ertheia Graphics" was just a fake info to attract all players, and i got banned :))))))))))))) server is full of bots jave server with phantom system, giving a fake impression to that 70-80 real online players from the server
  7. i need a whole team which is capable of advertise the server well, thinking about gameplay, new events, new farm perspective(simple interlude without item customization like armor/weapons), be active in game as a gamemaster for run events and entertein players, contribute to server needs like: host, website, advertising, protections and finally maybe a developer as helper (there will be no any kind of payments, payments you can get from your hard work -> this mean from server donations)
  8. Searching for serious team members for Mid Rate Interlude project I have very good files based on java contact me here in forum
  9. decompile the jar and edit everything you want, wow, we are in 2018, soon 2019!
  10. I search a developer to add inside my source shared phantom system by elfocrash contact me here in forum