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  1. l2frozen.club was l2j not l2off, tested both servers i also logged with l2phx in l2frozen because i needed to check enterworld packets and was l2j all day and heading was not even fixed
  2. How i get in touch with you?
  3. I want when relog/respawn/go far away and come back/teleport to see all players with real heading value ( not reseted )
  4. I do not use acis, i only saw acis fixed something about headings and i wondered if they have fixed the heading problem at all, i do not have any other problems
  5. OK FRIEND, I AM SORRY FOR SHARE YOUR WORK I understand you now
  6. When upload finish i will share lineage2classic l2scripts compiled last version of seven signs, wonder if it will be deleted too AGAIN SORRY L2ACIS <3
  7. Ok maybe you are right, and i am sorry to Acis owner. But you know what i did not like? My friend asked one of the moderators which is also a member of acis team, a simple fix, a stupid code, he only wanted to test if in acis is fixed the problem we are having in our project, we only needed the heading fix after teleport, this was all he asked for... And the moderator answered in this way: Buy acis and rip the code you need, i am not going to help you. My friend have money, and he was like... "fuck it, i will buy acis and rip the code, whatever... if i need buy whole project for a simple fix which we don't even know if work or not..." Wasn't more simple to give us the code to test it out ? Our surprise was that the code was not even working... We got mad because of that moderator ( how he responded to us... )
  8. Ok friend, you like to make a lot of fun and drama, ok :) So help me fix this issue in interlude In giran by default heading is: all players look to the giran temple Player 1 - heading to the left Player 2 - heading to the right Player 3 - heading to the opposite side of Giran Temple Player 4 - this is me, i walk arround town and i see this players heading (how i described up) Problems i have: - if i teleport in giran i will see all players heading ( looking at giran temple ) - if i go far away enough for npcs and players to dissapear and i come back, i will see again all players with same heading ( looking at giran temple ) - if i relog, after i login back, i will see all players heading in same direction: looking at giran temple. How i fix this issue? I want all players to keep heading all the time whatever they do
  9. If you earn enough to not worry about money good for you friend, but with 10 euro some people buy: - 30 Eggs = 3 Euro - 7 Breads = 1,5 Euro - This is enough food for live 1 week - and again there are 5,5 Euro not spent - maybe for buy some other things - 10 kg Potatos = 5 Euro
  10. Listen friend, i do not have anything with you, my friend needed a fix you made on your acis, this is all, my friend payd acis sub, he got latest source and, the fix was a crap... Why i shared? Because one guy from your team told my friend to buy acis and rip the code, he only asked for 1 little code not for whole source.... And what your team member did? He told my friend to buy acis because he will never share this little code...
  11. And when other sources ware shared? What the forum staff did? They let them stay there, even if owner asked for remove :)
  12. one friend needed a simple fix with heading, one guy told him to purchase acis and rip the code :) , but he could simply help my friend and give gim the fix for heading issue... what happened? He purchased acis and wow... code was not even working... So this is why i wanted to share, because i was angry
  13. Is a cheaters forum lol If i share now l2scripts lineage2classic seven signs compiled with instructions how to edit the IP bind it will be removed too? I bet if i share this now, it will stay and not be removed and even all mods will start download it, true???
  14. Why removed my thread? I shared acis 380 latest rev to the public, why is removed?