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  1. ban for what? everything was explained and you know i am right...
  2. everything was explained, you are hanging on this shit which is pointless, be real just one time unlock the topic
  3. and here we go, for that i want unban my main account, i was scammed, i was fooled , and i am not a scammer, i defend myself and i want everyone to know the truth, i have so many people that hate me and they report just to make everyone see me as an untrusted person
  4. OK, make them public, and make sure the proffs are real, live record, not screenshoots
  5. Ok, so what? Banned for no reason, when i sent you in skype all screenshoots and live video recorded with everything you told me that you sorry and you cannot do anything because wasn't your choice, remember? So everyone want to know the truth, i was the one who got scammed. How this happened? I sold my pack to a guy and he asked paypal refund, after that he asked me for more packs and he said that if i will not send he will report me in forum because he told me he is respected person here. I refused to give him more packs for free and what he did? he reported me for nothing!!! And after that he asked paypal refund and he got his money back, Designatix , can prove that because i have sent him everything in skype. He told me that i have too many reports and he cannot help me with anything and he is sorry... So this is how this forum going? i just work hard for what i do, and i sell my own stuff, and people who cheat me win as always, because of fake reports, if you remember, everybody who reported me never came here with proffs, never. And say a big thanks? For what? For ban my VIP account without any evidence of scam? I have never scammed any person, and i have people in that forum who can confirm that.
  6. Ok show me where is shared, everyone say things but nobody can prove If you really need to see anything come to test server and you will convince yourself!
  7. I was selling nothing that is shared, prove that my stuff is shared and i will share it myself
  8. anyone know the tent npc id form interlude client? I am looking for a tent NPC
  9. Thanks a lot friend :) This fix nobody could do :)
  10. all are same, some more, some less...