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  1. Hello to Everyone. I want to buy one No Custom Interlude Server. With full fixes. No Bugs. Ready to open. Send me your offers!
  2. Oxi kanena error apolytos. Tha steilw photo se ligo giati den eimai pc twra.
  3. kalhspera paidia. exw provlima me ton server. Kanw loggin ton char gia na ton kanw gm kai otan paw navicat kanei peripou 5 lepta na mou emfanisei to account kai otan to emfanizei kai vazw status 1 gia na kanw gm ton char paw na kanw loggin kai den me vazei kan. enw xwris na ton kanw gm me vazei kanonika ston server. sas parakalw voithiste me. (To Pack einai interlude)