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  1. Dev,i see you keep demoting every my post :P ! But what about our bet that you lost already? :-)
  2. Btw, just confused about your indendity for Komplex,that's why i went low kick to your head,you can even keep your spam i like it. You should log and check with your eyes,i mean you can even say that i suck cocks,that's not the problem,point is you just selftrolling your self w/o any reason. Ain't my fault if your shit is even worst considered than a copy-shit-with-purple-buttons server. P.s. You and xxdem pretend to know me,but literally and sincerally i got 0 idea about who the fuck are you both. P.s.s2 . It's a damn recap of the event. Won't waste my time to make 1 hour
  3. Server is online,you need a gracia final client. Here you can fin the last updated folder ready to play https://mega.nz/#!nZU1zSxR!WD0pOPfCAAv3slUFXc47gYCgA46c74k_4OOUuFzGWXM
  4. Check L2Crabbed TvT Event https://youtu.be/g4k4h7cPPns Server is online: Download here the patch : https://mega.nz/#!V7AR0SxY!Pq4j8glfmJJrIKyWLQ9hB8B4GbW6nlGoRBVzG4JkS1M Full system ready to play: https://mega.nz/#!R3ZgwLRY!vciI0lfmu2BEK2Xg0Dli4PbSfrA006lZ37i1TkBsJqg Download the updater here: http://www.l2crabbed.com/updater/L2Crabbed Updater.exe
  5. Have fun Georgi,you'll need alot :)
  6. At my home,we got a motto,teach to tards to be at the least productive... that's not your case https://imgur.com/r1yDcpY Well,still better then 11 days and people never comeback :) Love ya Georgi.
  7. Some antivirus detect the updater as a virus,it's something new? Do you even know how an updater works? That's why i am even preparing those: Download here the patch : https://mega.nz/#!V7AR0SxY!Pq4j8glfmJJrIKyWLQ9hB8B4GbW6nlGoRBVzG4JkS1M Full system ready to play; https://mega.nz/#!R3ZgwLRY!vciI0lfmu2BEK2Xg0Dli4PbSfrA006lZ37i1TkBsJqg Check those folder,tell me if you find a virus there.
  8. No clue,what are you trying to say,but since @l2crapped you can just log 2 box,ofc if you are smart you can bypass that,but since 90% of the community dosn't even know how to vote,i am pretty sure they don't even know how an hdwi work. And if they go farm with a more then 1 box they will not get drops. So,there is no even need to log tons of bots,they can put a shop that's nice. You said that we got only 2 bigs clans? I suggest you to check a bit deep in the dettail and better. Forgot to say,those bigs clans that you already mention already got a war. By the way,as i said before
  9. Well,you never know what you find inside a pillar of shit,imagine i've found you as well there :) Atm all of you boyz that self-autoproclame,"pro", are everything but amateurs. Cya,
  10. Wait a minute,just to understand deeply your pov,the people you saying went to a totaly copy/paste server,w/o nothing "new" and you claim. Do you even know what pride community want from a server? Are we still talk about pride community or what? That's why you act like a vergin grill? Because you think i am listening to primezero? You might no understand,but the problems about the things was beside me and Growa,no one else. Now Growa,can't touch anymore the gameplay in any case. Capisc? The main error i did was to listen to every player of the community lol.
  11. Who decide what's enough or not? Who said that i've completely import new ideas? Who said that players want everything new? Who said that i can't keep my gayishing pinky buttons? Do you prefer them green or purple? I don't need no one to fix my graphics,if i wanted to change it i would already change it. About the amount of the players how are you so sure about it? Btw,you said to keep outside the whole imagine of me and yours,but you keep using it o.o What's next question?
  12. PvP engine and Class balance. Not the usally human domination. Some new features and now a normal farmtype. No corruption,no special treatment for no one. Ah,i got 2 eyes to check what's going on since i am not busy to blowup people and Gayshish Pinky buttons. They don't join me,they join w/e they want. Did am i ,ready to candidate my self to the president of Greece? Enough? need something else? P.S. Georgi if you edit all the time your post,it's not my fault if i can't reply correctly to your interview.
  13. I guess after ive pointed it you keep dosn't understand your bet. You said : Btw hayze admin is not scared from you I'm telling you nobody will join you back I bet 100 € from the corrupted donations I received under the table. If I lose you will see them on your PayPal. -You lost that bet already. I didn't fuckup none,if you think that was a replica,who am i to try to explain you it wasn't? It was bad,ok so? I couldn't make an update? There is some law-prodev about it? I just war back hayze,not like mongols like you would do with ddos or shits like that,but with simple and retarde