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  1. L2Hayze.net is online, new items, new custom features and smoother gameplay. Check it out. Launched 8/18/2018. A server for those only who want to experience an achievement based gameplay. Gaming is hard, botting/dualboxing is impossible. Try it out.
  2. I am opening it for those who enjoy hard farming. I am not opening it for those who don't like it. Simple.
  3. Hayze reboot, is being launched Feb 26th. Some important things you need to know. Farming is difficult. (If you are interested in a quick game then this isn't for you.) All items/skills/custom equipment can be obtained ingame. The textures for titanium and legacy titanium have been reverted back to the originals. Dread is tradable. All clan halls are auctionable. There is no free gear, no beginner coins. Everyone starts from s grade. If you are not interested in playing, please don't play. Only those who are interested should join.
  4. Nice idea, I hope it works, I really do. But the community you are dealing with isn't ready for anything more than a 2-3 week cycle of game play. And I think everyone knows what I mean by that. As for those who personally are jealous either because they feel robbed or couldn't manage to do anything comparable even with the same free starting source. Well all I can say is, no one forces you to play, no one forces you to spend money on anything. You have free will and a brain, so use it. The reality is that while forums like maxcheaters have a role in the online game environment, you don't
  5. Kemosa Gracia for those who are still playing the Gracia chronicle. http://kemosa.net/forumsgracia/

  6. The Kemosa Infinite Odyssey project has been shut down. If you are interested in playing on Gracia with some of the same features, feel free to check out the Kemosa Gracia project.
  7. The L2Hayze project has been upgraded and improved. Visit the Forums to learn more. Officially it will open December 1.
  8. Http://Kemosa.net where you can play on a server with the Kemosa Concept either on Gracia or Infinite Odyssey.
  9. For anyone having any issues regarding getting disconnected, be sure to launch the game through the updater. Meaning run the updater each time to launch the game.
  10. The economy is fine, if you are looking for a server in which the first day you are going to buy all the armors and weapons then that's up to you to find. On Kemosa there is a strong balance between events and the event rewards as well as the regular farm. Silvers and BE are the common currency and can be exchanged into almost anything. If you look around you will see that you don't need luck to be successful on Kemosa.
  11. Farming is actually quite easy, people are soloing mobs in the second zone without any problems. Just pick and choose a monster that has a weakness vs your class.
  12. Server is now live, be sure to check forums for information and ask your questions there.
  13. Official time pushed back 4 hours to better fit everyone's timezone. Check forums for more information.
  14. Kemosa officially launching November 16th. Visit http://kemosa.net to learn more.

  15. Official launch times have been posted, be sure to check out common beginner questions in the kemosa forums so you don't have any surprises. Greece | 14:10 Russia | 15:10 Vietnam | 19:10 China | 20:10 Korea | 21:10 Brazil | 10:10 USA | 7:10